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AP Essentials

Reseller and Solution Provider

Automatically capture, understand, validate and approve invoices from any source

Tungsten AP Essentials™ lowers costs and shortens processing times by automating the capture and validation of invoices from any source in any format.  A dedicated cloud operations team ensures optimal performance with around-the-clock monitoring and effortless handling of significant changes in document volumes.  Market-leading Cognitive Capture services increase data accuracy and reduce the risk of error. Pre-built dashboard guides robust analytics, and continuous feedback helps improve the invoice process. AP Essentials requires no hardware or software, so no tedious maintenance, upgrades, or updates. AP Essential captures, extracts, and validates full PO, Non-PO, and other invoice processing operations.  Machine learning and line-item extraction lead to advanced features capable of organizing and streamlining your accounts payable process.

AP Essential is a multi-tenant SaaS solution that can help your business through 

Intelligent Line Item Extraction

Approval Workflows and GL Coding

Multi-Language and Currency


Support for Electronic Invoices

Excel Import for Master and PO Data

AR Purchase Order Processing

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Cognitive Capture

Kofax AP Essentials improves extraction rates, extraction precision, reduces labor and reduces processing speeds through intelligent machine learning.  

Workflow Automation

Native workflows ensure proper routing of invoices, enforced approval policies, and greater transparency into how processes are executed.

Invoice processing

All editions integrate with ERP and pay-to-procure market leaders like Microsoft D365 Business Central, Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations, Oracle Financial Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, and Coupa Spend Management.

Experience low TCO
and fast ROI

Reduce hardware that depreciates over time and achieve ROI quickly with simple set-up and continuous performance monitoring.

For more information about AP Essentials, contact our Kofax experts!

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AP Essentials Integration

Tromba Technologies with AP Essentials supports integrations with several ERP systems, financial systems, and accounting programs. The level of integration with each target system can vary. For example, some systems accept incoming invoice data from AP Essentials, and others integrate master data and workflows.  Target systems that integrate with AP Essentials are:

With decades of experience with various ERP, ECM, and other Enterprise eco-system platforms, Tromba provides exceptional value in integrating Kofax products.

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