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Capture Products

Digital Transformation

Digitize the multiple touchpoints customers encounter in their journey through a business process, ensuring value is created, not destroyed, at crucial moments of information-intensive interactions.


Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual, repetitive tasks with robotic process automation to eliminate errors, deliver 100% data accuracy and slash processing times all at a fraction of the cost.


Information Capture

Accelerate business processes by scanning all types of documents with advanced capture and transforming them into actionable information that’s delivered into core business applications, processes, and workflows.


Mobile Capture

Deploy any mobile capture use case from a single, open platform, and enable your customers to engage with your business anytime, anywhere.



Achieve operational excellence with process intelligence and business analytics software for greater visibility and insight into capture, workflow, and business process performance.


Customer Communications

Create personal correspondence for better customer engagement while ensuring secure, reliable exchange of messages across inbound and outbound channels with a unified communications platform.


E-signature and Verification

Enable end-to-end business process digitization with electronic signatures and combat check fraud in real-time by leveraging a robust combined risk score.

Ready to Empower Your Customers with Digital Transformation?


Customers expect to engage with your organization in a new, digitized way because of mobile technology, the Internet and, often, simply because they are comparing the experience you offer to that of your competitors.  To succeed at digital adoption, take your customers’ perspective, and digitize entire customer journeys—those beginning-to-end processes that customers experience in getting the product or service they need, through whichever channels they choose.

Your challenge is to develop a strategy to digitize the multiple touchpoints customers and others encounter in their journey through your business processes, ensuring that value is created, not destroyed, at crucial moments of information-intensive interaction.

What is Digital Transformation? 
Digital Transformation refers to the digitization of analog business processes that are vital to an organization’s success.  Through increasing the efficiency of customer interactions and moving away from paper-based models, organizations can deliver new levels of engagement and self-service to customers, while realizing operational and compliance savings.


Through the digitization of inbound and outbound documents and communications, automation of previously manual tasks and removal of lag between touchpoints, companies can accelerate high-value customer journeys toward a positive result, efficiently engaging customers, suppliers and other persons and systems necessary.

Customer Engagement

At its core, improving customer engagement is about closing the distance between your customers and your organization—in financial services, insurance, government, and most any other industry.  Offer customers low-friction, self-service options—such as using their mobile device to open an account—to meet them on their terms and build loyalty.


Operational Efficiency

Efficiency improvements require integration between your customers’ mobile and other touchpoints (their systems of engagement) and your line of business applications (your systems of record).  Deploy a broader platform that integrates touchpoints across customer journeys so you can do more with less, reduce costs and outpace competitors juggling multiple, disparate solutions.


Regulatory Compliance

Legacy non-digital processes and systems were not built to adapt, so frequent changes in regulation and policy elongate periods of non-compliance and drive compliance costs higher.  Avoid the risk of non-compliance by choosing a digital transformation platform that enforces compliant processes, while allowing you to adapt quickly as policy and regulation requirements change.

TotalAgility Platform >

Transform information-intensive customer interactions via a unified digital transformation platform.

TotalAgility Frameworks >

Enable organizations to accelerate touchpoints in high-value customer journeys.

Onboarding Agility >

Accelerate the onboarding process by automating information intake and enabling user self-service.

Claims Agility >

Streamline the digitization, validation, conversion and intelligent routing of paper medical claims.

Digital Transformation

Put Robotic Process Automation to Work for Your Business


Today, businesses automate just 25 to 40 percent of their workflow, and 88 percent of process mistakes are due to humans.  Your challenge is in creating the right mix of people and automation to drive productivity and identify improvements with process intelligence.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots and intelligent business rules to mimic specific actions employees take while performing tasks in various applications.

RPA can automate manual, repetitive tasks, eliminate errors and deliver 100 percent data accuracy in industries including banking, insurance, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and finance, and accounting.

Robotic Process Automation

Discover how an intelligent software-based robotic workforce can automate areas of your business that fall between established process automations.  Whether manual tasks have a unique workflow or insufficient volume or scale to automate with traditional solutions, RPA is designed to solve these so-called “white-space” business problems unaddressed by existing process automation and create additional value for your business.

Web Data Extraction

In an era where data never sleeps and 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are created each day, your challenge is in finding, filtering, and interpreting the critical market intelligence you need to create and keep a competitive advantage.  Web data extraction helps you unlock and act on valuable insights by automating the acquisition and integration of data—including pricing, competitive intelligence, investment research, and more—from any website or portal around the web.

Kofax RPA
(robotic process automation) >

Efficiently acquire, process and deliver information from virtually any application or data source—without the need for coding

Robotic Automation
Information Capture

Put Advanced Capture to Work for Your Business


A typical employee uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year and spends 30-40 percent of their time looking for information locked in email and filing cabinets.  As more customers engage directly with enterprises through the web and mobile in addition to legacy paper and email processes, your challenge is in gaining total visibility and control over critical data arriving from multiple channels to drive superior business decisions.


What is Advanced Capture?

Advanced Capture is a document scanning, automation, indexing, and extraction software solution that captures, classifies, and extracts content from all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming and delivering accurate and actionable information into core business applications, processes, and workflows.


Meet a market-leading multichannel capture platform that will transform the way your organization processes and uses content with speed, precision, accuracy, and scalability across the enterprise.


Digital Mailroom

Automate the labor-intensive, manual process of reviewing digital and paper documents, data entry, document classification and validation, and routing of documents to recipients.  By replacing paper-based and manual processes with a digital solution, you can improve operational efficiency, identify problems quickly and trigger business processes as each piece of mail enters the organization.

Omnichannel Capture

Discover how the ability to quickly and securely capture all types of inbound documents and information wherever they are first available—whether a central office or digital mailroom, from a customer's home, a local branch office, or even remotely from a smartphone or tablet—can accelerate business processes and create unprecedented access to information across your organization.

Capture Process Improvement

Use actionable analytics to improve the performance of your content-related processes.  Implement a complete system that enables real-time monitoring, management, and metrics of your business-critical document processing systems.

Multichannel Capture >

Convert paper and electronic documents into usable information for your business systems and processes.

Transformation >

Automate the understanding of documents and convert them into useful, electronic business information.

VRS Elite >

Automatically enhance the quality of scanned images for increased productivity and better data.

Kofax Express >

Capture, index and export images and data with a powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use system.

Mobile Capture

Empower your customers to self-serve in a variety of applications such as customer onboarding, bill pay, remote capture and deposit, credit/debit card funding and payments, and mortgage origination—all from the same platform.  Patented image processing and on-device OCR (optical character recognition) technologies automatically capture, extract, and validate content from paper documents, eliminate the need to enter information manually, and provide your customers with a fast, easy, frictionless experience.


Mobile ID Verification and Facial Recognition

Automatically extract and validate information and identification to open accounts, process loan applications, onboard customers and employees, and more.  Mobile verification and facial recognition capabilities and 100% automated advanced forensic technology ensure process integrity and a smooth user experience.

Mobile Capture Platform >

Turn your customers’ mobile devices into information capture devices.

Mobile Capture SDK >

Ensure your mobile app produces high-quality images and accurate data extraction every time.

Mobile ID and Verification >

Enable fast, frictionless onboarding for your customers.

Mobile Bill Pay >

Empower your customers to easily and accurately capture bill data.

Mobile Credit and Debit Card >

Enable customers to take a photo of their payment card to fund a bank account or pay a business.

Mobile Deposit Capture >

Accurately capture check images and customer account information via a mobile app.

Ready to Empower Your Customers with Mobile?


By 2020, smartphone penetration is expected to surpass 90%.  Your challenge is to ensure your business model aligns with your customers’ demands for any time, anywhere mobile engagement.


What is Mobile Capture? 
Mobile capture allows your customers to harness the power of the camera on their mobile device to perform a wide range of imaging tasks — such as snapping a photo of a driver’s license to open a new account or paying bills by capturing data from a bill, and much more.


Mobile capture simplifies business transactions and promotes customer self-service.  The result is faster processes, increased accuracy, and greater customer satisfaction.

Mobile Capture

Empower Your Business with Analytics and Process Intelligence


Can you pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks and improvement areas exist in your business processes?  To achieve operational excellence in your business, you need more than business intelligence systems that offer only an analysis of historical data and outcomes. You need real-time analytics and insight into the quality and timeliness of your operational processes.


What is Process Intelligence? 
Process Intelligence is the analysis of operating data in the context of a business process for real-time visibility into process performance and an understanding of how well processes comply with expected behaviors.

Gain deep, end-to-end visibility into all of your business process steps, operational performance, and risk of non-compliance with analytics.

Descriptive, Contextual Dashboards

Traditional business analytics solutions can be complex and often require IT support. Take control with simple interactive dashboards and reports, providing insight and analysis where and when you need it.

Diagnostic Insights and Alerts

Like most organizations, you’ve probably automated some aspects of your business processes with OCR or data capture technology, advanced workflow, or process management solutions. But, do you really know how effective your automated processes are now? Process intelligence provides in-depth, end-to-end visibility and monitoring of your business processes for a holistic view of your operational performance and compliance.

Decision Aids

If you changed a policy or procedure, do you know how it would impact your business processes? Use process performance information to make strategic decisions about workforce optimization and identify new revenue opportunities.

Analytics for Capture >

Gain greater visibility into document capture and processing performance.


Analytics for TotalAgility >

Analyze business process efficiency with operational metrics and best-practice dashboards.


Analytics for Markview >

Access advanced accounts payable analytics and process intelligence.


Analytics for Mobile >

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your Mobile Capture, Bill Pay, ID, and Deposit apps.


Robotic Process Intelligence >

Monitor and optimize the operational efficiency of your robotic process automation software.


Insight >

Achieve true process intelligence with in-depth visibility and understanding of your operational performance and compliance.


Ready to Better Manage Your Business and Customer Communications?


Business and customer communications today have to be personal and managed efficiently across multiple channels, including email, web, SMS, and printed documents.  To manage effectively, you need a platform that enables full visibility and control of all inbound and outbound communications—providing quicker access to information while also ensuring compliance and reducing your expenses.


What is Customer Communications Management (CCM)?
Customer Communications Manager (CCM) is a software platform enabling organizations to manage communications across multiple channels, including email, web, SMS, and printed documents.


A unified platform helps you engage with your customers in the manner they prefer with personal communications while cutting your infrastructure costs.

Personal Customer Communications

While customers expect that you interact with them in the manner they prefer, it often requires too much time and IT involvement.  The result: standardized and impersonal communications.  An agile, enterprise-wide communications platform unifies your web, mobile, and print channels, enabling personal, dynamic correspondence that engages your customers.


Centralized Communication Server

In today’s demanding business environment, fast communications and reduced costs can be competing objectives.  Integrating your inbound and outbound channels with a centralized communication server is key to an efficient, reliable, and secure exchange of increasing volumes of business-critical messages and minimizing your operational expenses.

Customer Communications Manager >

Engage and interact with your customers in the manner they prefer with personal communications.


Communication Server >

Kofax Communication Server™ automates and ensures reliable exchange of business-critical messages between people, applications and devices by integrating your inbound and outbound communication channels.


Ready to Go Digital End-to-End?


With today’s focus on digital transformation, your challenge is eliminating all paper-based processes and enabling end-to-end digitization, including moving from wet-ink to electronic signatures.  At the same time, you need to reduce your exposure to sophisticated criminals who continually find new ways to commit fraud.


Leading organizations worldwide in banking, insurance, retail, and many other industries realize their full digital transformation goals by leveraging the Kofax family of electronic signature and verification solutions.


E-signature and verification solutions enable end-to-end digitization, delighting your customers, reducing costs and mitigating your fraud risk.


Electronic Signatures

As your organization develops its digital plan, e-signing is an essential component that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Make it easy for your customers to do business with you through fast, seamless electronic and digital signatures whether they are transacting in-store or via a remote location.

Check Fraud Prevention

Worried that fraudsters are putting your organization at risk with savvy schemes that could lead to revenue losses?  Combat check fraud in real-time with a robust combined risk score, mitigating your exposure and protecting your business.

SignDoc >

Enable end-to-end business process digitization with electronic signatures and transform the customer experience.

FraudOne >

Detect check fraud in real time with an image-based solution and a robust combined risk score.

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