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 Capture 11.1 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in Kofax Capture 11.1.0

Kofax Capture 11.1.0 Release Notes

Support for License Activation via HTTPS

A new version of the licensing component is integrated to support license activation via HTTPS.

​Support for License Activation
​Update to Recognition Engine

Update to Current Version of Recognition Engine

This service pack integrates Kofax OmniPage to provide improvements for ICR and Arabic OCR.

​New BatchID Column Added

New BatchID Column Added to Finalized Batches Log

A new tag can be added to ACConfig.xml to output the BatchID value to the finalized batches log.


     <Logging OutputBatchID=“0/1” />


Where the value of OutputBatchID can be:

  • 0 (default): BatchID value is not added to batch log.

  • 1: BatchID value is added the batch log in line "01"

Support for Azure SQL

Support for Azure SQL and Azure SQL Managed Instance

This service pack adds support for Azure SQL database and Azure SQL Managed Instance.

Support for Visual Studio 2022

Support for Visual Studio 2022

This service pack adds support for Visual Studio 2022.

Update to Domain Lookup Order

Update to Domain Lookup Order

If the login for Kofax Transformation Thin Client contains a domain name, this domain name will be included in the authentication process.

Select or Copy Batch Names

Select or Copy Batch Names in Batch Properties

You can select and copy batch names in the Batch Properties dialog box.

Synchronize Endorser Counter Values

Synchronize Endorser Counter Values Across Scan Stations

The Last Used Counter Value from one scan station is saved for use by all scan stations.

Add the following tag to ACConfig.xml to enable the synchronization of counter value across scan stations:


     <BatchClass Name="Batch_Class_Name" CounterSynchronization="Counter_Synch" />



1. Batch_Class_Name: Set the name of the batch class you want to synchronize the counter value on all scan stations.

2. Counter_Synch: Set to 1 to Synchronize the counter value. Default value is 0.

Persist or Reset the Counter Value
​Enhance DBValRestrictions Tag

Enhance the Ability to Persist or Reset the Counter Value Between Batches

A new tag can be added to ACConfig.xml file to configure Imprinter counter value reset behavior per batch class:


     <BatchClass Name="<Batch_Class_Name>" CounterResetPeriod ="<Counter_Reset_Period>" />



1. Batch_Class_Name: set the name of the Batch class you want to apply to reset the counter value.

2. Counter_Reset_Period: set the value of counter reset period.

  • 0: (Default): Counter reset behavior is the same as before applying the fix.

  • 1: Counter is reset after every scan.

  • 2: Counter is reset daily at 00:00 AM.

  • 3: Counter is reset weekly on every Sunday at 00:00 AM.

  • 4: Counter is reset monthly on the first day of every month at 00:00 AM.

  • 5: Counter is reset on every batch.

Retain Existing VRS Version

Enhance DBValRestrictions tag in ACConfig.xml

If you have many batch classes using Database Validation with different types of databases, the ACConfig.xml tag DBValRestrictions can be used to specify which batch classes can use the DBValRestrictions so that other batch class database validations are not broken.

Add the tags to ACConfig.xml file to specify batch classes using the DBValRestrictions as in the example below:

<DBValRestrictions Name="<database_validation_name>" Enable="1" Schema="<schema_name>" />


1. Enable: Set to 1 to restrict database validation query against user's schema. Default value is 0.

2. Name: set the name of the database validation you want to apply the restriction to.

If not defined, database restriction will be applied to all database validations.

3. Schema: set the name of user's schema.

It is possible to define more than one DBValRestrictions tag for different database validations

Retain Existing VRS Version During Kofax Capture Installation

When installing the Kofax Capture 11.1 Service Pack 1 on a system that has a higher version of VRS, the user is prompted to confirm whether the existing version of VRS should be removed.

Update Credentials
​Digital Signature Enhancement

Update Credentials in Database Validation Properties

You can update Database Validation Properties credentials without having to remap the configuration.

Add the following tag to the ACConfig.xml:

<DBValidation ClearMappingOnCredentialsChanged="Clear_Mapping_Value"/>



  • 1: (Default) The behavior is same as before applying the fix.

  • 0: Suppress the confirmation dialog when changing credential information and retain the existing mappings.

Digital Signature Enhancement

KCWebDeploy.exe and similar executables within the ISO installation are digitally signed.

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