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Tromba Technologies provides innovative solutions for Contract Management.

Contract Management Solutions

Ensuring Transparency at Every Step


Whatever your industry, there’s a good chance that your employees are spending too much of their time routing, tracking, and generally keeping tabs on the constant shuffle that is contract management. Though it can be a task synonymous with tedium, it also requires precision to keep everything flowing like a well-oiled machine.

Our products are your solution to contract chaos. Our system enhances your contracts management protocol from drafting to client approval to renewals. We can automatically route workflow and communicate tasks to appropriate stakeholders. It monitors progress and checklists, reminding stakeholders of time-sensitive tasks like deadlines, expirations, and renewals. All documents may be executed via electronic signature and automatically route to storage in our secure cloud-based libraries for record-keeping. Here are the details:


  • New Contract Request Forms - Often, handling the influx of received contracts is only half the battle. When it comes to drafting contracts for new accounts or suppliers, those using the public forms portal can access a New Contract Request form. The submitted information is automatically populated in the appropriate contract template, saving time and money.

  • Supplemental Template Libraries - Your solution includes five contract templates, and we’ll work with you to create any additional templates you need for a complete library.

  • Automatically Import from Email - When a contract is sent to a specific inbox, the system removes the attachment and automatically stores it in the system for future processing. Notifications inform the appropriate parties when a contract has been added or is ready for review.

  • Organized Storage for Audit Preparedness - You probably store your contracts in multiple systems, filing cabinets, or in the inbox of whoever executes the contract. This means there’s often no easy way to prepare for an audit. With our products, all contracts are centrally located and cataloged in a searchable database that’s securely accessible on any PC or mobile device. With a simple search, you can have access to any contract instantly.

  • A Standard, Automated Process - In addition to organizing contracts, you can send contracts to others for revisions, prioritize based on due dates and other criteria, and instantly see who needs to take the following action on a specific contract.

  • Version Tracking - With so many people reviewing the same contract, how can you ensure the one you’re reviewing is the most recent version? With ECM, the versioning is handled for you. All versions are tracked and accessible, and the most recent is automatically made available.​

Contract Management

Remove Roadblocks

Whether you’re processing sales agreements that contribute to your bottom line, ensuring review protocols for legally binding contracts, or ensuring that all NDAs, MSAs, and SOWs are accounted for and securely stored in one spot, Tromba Technologies has you covered.

Automate the Agreement Process

Your legal team can quickly access any contract from within your CRM or straight from Tromba Technologies automation solutions. Revisions, approvals, and even e-signatures are all captured and tracked through automation.

Review and Approve, Anytime from Anywhere

Never again will distance or schedules create bottlenecks that keep you from closing business. Tromba Technologies' automation platform solution immediately notifies the owner when action is needed for review or approval, and permissioned users can access their assignments from any device at any time.

Keep Your Sales Team in Your CRM

Are you creating a new account or opportunity? With the click of a button, your sales team can generate a templated NDA, MSA, or contract using all the account’s information.  It really can be that easy.

All In One Place

Whether from one-click your CRM access or directly from FileBound, your team can rely on secure, approved access to all client documentation, including applicable NDAs, MSAs, SOWs, contracts, and other agreements.

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