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Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in FileBound 8.1.1

General Updates
Business Intelligence Reporting


Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence reporting gives customers customizable insights into their FileBound data. Administrators can configure business intelligence data sources to define a subset of records in FileBound. These data sources can then be used by the new business intelligence widgets on the Workspace giving customers more control over the data they see.


Other Feature Updates

Users can now include the character string "&#" in a password


The ability to import users has been deprecated. This can be achieved using Importer Pro.


Enhanced Global Search functionality

FileBound Icons_edited.png
Updates to Forms

Updates to Forms

Refreshed look and feel

FileBound has given the Forms Designer User Interface a fresh but familiar look. The new design updates the color scheme and iconography to be consistent for the end user. While we applied new styles, the user functionality is generally the same, making the transition to the new version easy for end users.


File.URL and Document.URL variables

File.URL and Document.URL variables have been added in the Structured Forms Builder. Users can use these variables in forms to return URLs to view a file or document in the Web Viewer.

Other Feature Updates

  • eForm Processes have been deprecated. Existing eform processes will still work; however, you will no longer be able to add a new eform process or edit an existing one.

  • The Form Category link is now URL encoded.

  • Added a visual status indicator for Form Link controls in the Forms Designer

  • Added a new table type to the Forms Designer: Related Files table

  • The undo/redo history in the Forms Designer is now cleared when HTML view is used.

  • Added the option to configure a tooltip for single line text controls in the Forms Designer

  • Updated the Forms Designer user interface styling to reflect global Upland Software design requirements

  • Users are now able to make submission form controls read-only in the Forms Designer.

  • Date fields in web forms that are mapped to an index field will now use the index field date mask.

  • Added FILE.URL and DOCUMENT.URL variables in the Structured Form Builder.

​Updates to Project Settings

Updates to Project Settings

YYYY-MM-DD data mask

A new data mask has been added for date type index fields: YYYY-MM-DD

​Updates to Reports

Updates to Reports

Workflow Status Report - Route Path ID

A Route Path ID column has been added to the Workflow Status report. This column allows users to differentiate between re-routed or double routed items using the unique path ID.

Updates to Web Viewer

Updates to Web Viewer

View Multiple Assignments

Users can now view multiple assignments for the same document in the Assignments section of the Web Viewer. Assignments are sorted by oldest to newest.


Share File Externally

Users can now share entire files externally from the Web Viewer. When a file is shared, all documents within the file are shared.


Web Viewers

  • Calculation fields are now read only and cannot be edited.

  • When a user views a form from the Windows Viewer, it will now open in Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer.

Other Feature Updates

  • Updated the message displayed in the dialog box that appears when opening the Advanced Line Items window

  • Users are now prompted to save unsaved changes to HTML forms in the Web Viewer.

  • Adding documents in between existing documents using drag-and-drop no longer changes the document sort order.

  • The Advanced Line Item window now only displays index fields where the Display option is selected in index field configuration.

  • Added support for drag-and-drop uploading in thumbnail view.

  • Multiple assignments for the same document are now displayed in the Content Toolbar Assignments section.

  • Document actions for adhoc routing are now displayed in the Journal.

  • PDF documents can now be grouped with documents TIFF and JPEG formats.

  • New pages can now be inserted into existing document groups.

  • Added a 'Copy Link' option when sharing documents and files externally

  • Multiple files or documents can now be shared externally.

  • Added pagination to Related Documents Panel tabs

  • Users are now able to group PDF documents with documents in TIFF, JPEG, and PNG formats.

  • Users can now navigate directly to a document in a document group by using the document ID in the Web Viewer URL.

  • Column sorting is now available in the Related Files and Related Documents panels.

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