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Human Resources

Employee Satisfaction Begins with the First Interaction


So you’ve spent time, money and effort finding the perfect employee.  Yet with an inefficient HR process, that new hire may receive and accept a competing offer letter sooner.  Or in the future, they could leave the company because they don’t get the service they need to feel valued.  We understand; good help is hard to find, and sometimes harder to keep happy.


Our products help busy HR professionals navigate the complexities of human capital management from the first interaction through separation.  We can gather all documentation, from electronic forms to scanned documents and files from desktop applications.  Automation ensures every step is completed on schedule and alerts you to any potential delays.  We can also collect and route all required documents to new employees, create requirement checklists, deliver notifications, and track activities while providing appropriate feedback.


Over the course of an employee’s career, our products manage and monitor the complete lifecycle of each employee record.  The system notifies the employee and/or HR staff when it is time to arrange a performance review, when forms need to be updated, or when training or certification is about to expire.  Upon separation, the system ensures the employee record is stored in compliance with legal and corporate policies.

Products & Resources:
FileBound for Human Resources >

Increase HR efficiency and provide stellar employee service from recruitment to separation

Seamless Corporate Team Member Onboarding >

Domino’s ditched the paper and launched a mobile app that allows teams to capture documents from new hires with their smartphones—powered by the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform

Empower Employees with Instant Access to Paper and Electronic Content >

Today, Kofax solutions enable documents to be captured, archived and retrieved easily within in minutes rather than days, allowing HR and finance staff to concentrate on core business tasks