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AP Essentials Integration with coupa
Tromba Technologies helps empower enterprises gain analytic insights using Kofax Insight.

AP Essentials

Reseller and Solution Provider

Automatically capture, understand, validate, and approve invoices from any source

AP Essentials™ lowers costs and shortens processing times by automating the capture and validation of invoices from any source, in any format.  A dedicated cloud operations team ensures optimal performance with around-the-clock monitoring and effortless handling of significant changes in document volumes.  Market-leading Cognitive Capture services increase data accuracy and reduce the risk of error. Pre-built dashboard guides robust analytics, and continuous feedback helps improve the invoice process. AP Essentials requires no hardware or software, so no tedious maintenance, upgrades, or updates.

Choose Kofax AP Essentials for Coupa

Coupa is a cloud platform to manage all your transactions across procurementpayments, and supply chain.  AP Essentials is a Coupa-certified solution that captures, extracts, and validates full PO, Non-PO, and other invoice processing operations.  Machine learning and line-item extraction lead to advanced features capable of organizing and streamlining your accounts payable process.

Kofax AP Essentials + Coupa Capabilities:

Optimized Master Data Synchronization

Tromba Technologies uses delta synchronization to selectively sync only new supplier, PO, and other master data to ensure invoices are extracted and passed to Coupa most efficiently.

cXML-based invoice export process

Reduces the need for IT involvement, Speeds exception handling, and log file review.

Invoice data extraction and verification

Delivered through a SaaS-based multi-tenant, cloud-based service with machine learning engine capabilities.

Full support for Coupa features and capabilities

Integrates seamlessly with Coupa.  Coupa provides status reporting for monitoring invoice throughput and processing results. Together, Kofax AP Essentials and Coupa are the most advanced solution for business spend management invoicing available.

Cognitive Capture 

Market-Leading capture rates between 80- 95% through multiple input channels.

Kofax AP Essentials for Coupa Datasheet:

For more information about AP Essentials for Coupa, contact our Kofax experts!

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