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Tromba Technologies is a Kofax Capture Reseller and Solution Provider

Transform the Way You Capture, Process and Leverage Documents and Information Across your Organization


Kofax Capture

Reseller and Solution Provider

Are you struggling to capture, process, understand and leverage your documents and information?  Do you need to reduce the time that it takes to capture and process documents across your organization?  You are not along.  Gain control over your document and content and get the competitive business edge.


Tromba Technologies has decades of expertise helping small and large organizations with Kofax Capture and their document capture needs.  Kofax Capture is a powerful platform that transforms the way your organization processes and uses content. While legacy enterprise content management systems simply scan and store content, Kofax Capture will help you capture, process and integrate content directly into your critical business workflow and systems from any location. 

Kofax Capture is one of the automation software products that builds a Cognitive Document Automation strategy and platform.  Contact Tromba Technologies for more information about Kofax Capture and Cognitive Document Automation.

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Automate, Accelerate and Scale Information Capture

Automate and accelerate business processes with a powerful, flexible platform that provides a standard and consistent process for securely capturing all types of information and is scalable across the organization. Paired with Kofax Transformation, the solution provides a wide range of capabilities to capture, understand and deliver information. A complete chain of custody for content is ensured, improving regulatory and compliance efforts while creating unprecedented access to information within your organization.

Gain Control of Your Content

Kofax Capture speeds the processing of paper and electronic documents while providing consistent rules for indexing and delivering the right information to corporate repositories and applications for quicker and more accurate decisions. With tight integration with virtually all capture channels and your organization’s system of record, you gain control over the critical content that drives business decisions.

Integrate with existing systems

Kofax Capture is an open capture platform that is designed to integrate with any other enterprise software.  Do you need to integrate advanced document capture into your existing ERP like Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, or SAP?  Or do you need to integrate advanced document capture with an existing ECM like FileNet, OnBase, or FileBound?  Or do you have a customer BPM, workflow, or line of business software that you need to integrate advanced document capture with?  Kofax Capture will integrate with unlimited software solutions to bring Enterprise class document capture your organization.

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