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7.11 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in TotalAgility 7.11.0.

New APIs

CaptureDesignService SDK service

A new SDK service, CaptureDesignService, provides a facade for a subset of the functionality in the Capture Configuration Service. It is primarily used to update Document Groups and perform simple queries.

The Capture Design service provides simpler versions of the required Capture objects contained in Document Groups. When the Document Group is saved, the simple objects are used to manage the more complex objects in the Capture Configuration service. Any Capture Configuration object properties not exposed in the facade objects are preserved or defaulted to a reasonable state.

The following APIs are available to achieve automation for creating/updating document types and fields in TotalAgility to reduce or limit "human in the loop" activities as much as possible.

  • GetBasicDocumentGroupNames

  • GetBasicDocumentGroupForEditing

  • CancelEditing

  • SaveBasicDocumentGroup

API Documentation

The following enhancement requests are addressed:

  • Documentation for the GetServerVariables API is updated to state that the ServerIdentity parameter is not required in this API.

  • Documentation is clarified for the UpdateWorkerResource3 API, and for APIs requiring a Resource ID.

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