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Tromba Technologies highlights a Laboratory client solution.

Laboratory Clients

Tromba Technologies offers a wide range of intelligent process automation consulting services, implementation services, sales and support services.  We help organizations maximize automation efforts by helping them transform their manual processes with technology. Tromba Technologies works with small organizations to large enterprises.  Our services scale to the organizations needs.


We assist organizations with adopting the correct solution to fit their culture, budget, and requirements; rather than forcing them to conform to how the software works.  We are an Automation software service solution provider with a business process-centric focus.  Tromba Technologies has been helping empower organizations for nearly two decades.

Listed below is a not a comprehensive list of clients or projects.  We are providing this information to help gain insight of the type of customers and projects that Tromba has been involved with over the years.

Laboratory Customer


Tromba’s customer is a publicly traded company with their net worth in the billions.  They employ thousands of employees across the US. They have compliance requirements with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and many other security and audit compliances.  They have multiple repositories. 


Their business environment is defined by their nationwide document availability, with the added responsibility of managing international doctor offices’ samples and documents as well.  Documents are received at every lab and office location daily, and the documents must be accessible to all nationwide labs’ personnel and customer service representatives immediately.  Some documents need to be accessible to customers around the world. 


Their labs process samples with supporting documentation and various forms Therefore, their Cognitive Document Automation and Enterprise Content Management environment drives their success.


Tromba worked at length with this organization to bring a high risk, unstable and failure-prone data/document environment under control.  We succeeded and exceeded by creating stability and high availability in their nation-wide data/document environment.

Solutions Recognized Benefits
  • Digital Mailroom Automation

  • Business Process Management Workflow​

  • Business Intelligence​

  • Process Intelligence

  • Business Process Automation

  • Integration with internal data systems

Solutions Components
  • Cognitive Document Automation​

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Business Process Automation

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