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Scanning allows organizations to capture paper-based information and convert it to electronic formats that can be used by other electronic processes.

We offer a wide range of scanners to meet your specific business needs, whether you need high-volume network scanning or just a desktop scanner for daily transactions.


Legacy Document Management System Conversions


Tromba document conversion services offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for converting existing documents from a legacy Document Management System to a new ECM environment.



Capture information and automate information-intensive processes, increasing operational efficiency while reducing costs.


By enabling organizations to digitally transform their business processes, capture solutions can improve customer engagement and enhance competitive advantage.


Management products may cover multiple disciplines and use multiple technologies to achieve the desired result.  Some of the products we cover are Document Management (DM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Records Management (ERM) and Dynamic Case Management (DCM).  All of these rely on the use of several core products to capture, organize, process and control how documents and data are managed.

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