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Tromba Technologies highlights a State Government client and solution.

State Government

Tromba Technologies offers a wide range of intelligent process automation consulting, implementation, sales, and support services.  We help organizations maximize automation efforts by assisting them in transforming their manual processes with technology. Tromba Technologies works with small organizations to large enterprises.  Our services scale to the organization's needs.


We assist organizations with adopting the correct solution to fit their culture, budget, and requirements rather than forcing them to conform to how the software works.  We are an Automation software service solution provider with a business process-centric focus.  Tromba Technologies has been helping empower organizations for nearly two decades.

State Government Client

Tromba's customer is a State Government benefits program. They currently process around 10,000 cases annually, accounting for about 300,000 documents annually. Tromba has helped them move from manual processes to a completely electronic and dynamic case management platform. Cycle times have been significantly reduced, and their ability to accommodate a seasonal influx of documents has dramatically improved.

Documents used to come in by walk-in, mail, fax, and email. In addition to those sources, Tromba's solution has given constituents the ability to securely submit documents via mobile, constituent portals, and electronic forms with integrated digital signature capabilities. All manual processing has been entirely moved to an Intelligent Business Automation Suite. All business and process KPIs are no longer tracked on paper, whiteboards, spreadsheets, or sticky notes. The entire platform with work items, user activity, business process performance, work allocation rule engine, and much more are in a comprehensive Dashboard. This has provided the insights to understand what is happening in real-time and to project through a benefit season how to manage the process better.

Solutions Recognized Benefits
  • Digital Mailroom Automation

  • High volume document processing

  • Benefits Case Management

  • Secure integration with State data system

Solutions Components
  • Cognitive Document Automation

  • Intelligent Business Process Management Suite

  • Business Process Management

  • Electronic Forms with digital signature integration

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Business Analytics

  • Process Analytics

  • Constituent Portal

  • Cloud Solution

State Government Client

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