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7.11 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in TotalAgility 7.11.0.

Automated work queue management

Automated work queue management provides the ability to define rules for manual activities.

When certain constraints are satisfied, the rule can do the following:

  • Complete the activity automatically, on behalf of the rule owner, or by the system.

  • Update the resources on the activity to a more appropriate user or group on behalf of the rule owner, or by the system.

  • A new Enable work queue automation system setting is available for turning the work queue automation on or off.

  • A new Request Automation button is available on the Activity forms that opens a pop-up where an end user can type in a free text description of the automation they would like. This description is then recorded as a note against the process. It is then up to the process designer to act on the request.

  • The Request Automation button also appears on a form that is created automatically by the system when the activity does not have an associated form.

  • The tenant can update the Work queue automation rules (created in KTA Designer and for which they have maintenance access) in TotalAgility Quick Rules.

Benefits of automated work queue management include:

  • Time can be saved by automatically completing repetitive activities based on known inputs and outputs.

  • Hybrid mode of work completion – activity is typically completed manually but can be completed automatically in an unattended manner using conditional logic.

  • Work can be automatically routed to more appropriate resources.

  • Rules can be maintained independently from the process by a process designer or citizen developer.

  • The logic for completing/routing is decoupled from the process itself.

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