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Education Solutions

Fostering Student Success, Modernizing Administrative Workflow

K-12 Education

The demands and expectations for K-12 school systems continue to grow, but unfortunately, budgets don’t. Our document and automation software help administrators reduce operational expenses while improving responsiveness to students, citizens, government agencies, and other schools. Eliminating inefficiencies, such as paper-based processes and manual routing, frees staff to focus on work that matters without breaking the bank. School districts nationwide use our products to improve and streamline back-office duties like processing personnel action forms (PAFs), invoice and vendor management, travel and equipment requests, RFP management, and beyond.

Our cloud-native system also allows schools to securely access, manage, store, and share student records such as IEPs, SPED documentation, transcripts, counseling, and disciplinary documents while automatically enforcing privacy policies to prevent unauthorized access. Finally, schools can easily accommodate public access laws to provide documents like school board packets via a self-service portal. Schools can easily, accurately, and completely comply with state and federal reporting requirements to ensure compliance and maintain funding status. In addition, critical district services such as facilities and transportation will have the ability to manage documents electronically for more efficient collaboration and disaster recovery needs.

Higher Education

It’s a quandary; most students have high expectations from their college experiences, yet most institutions struggle with budgets and staffing.  Our document and process automation help colleges and universities attract and retain students by reducing expenses, increasing staff productivity, and ultimately improving student-facing services.  Colleges and universities nationwide use our products to manage everything from enrollment services to student health and housing processes to grant management, contracts, and back-office operations.  These institutions selected our products because they deliver seamless, enterprise-class functionality that is both affordable and easy to use.

Today’s students have high expectations from their college experiences, yet most institutions struggle with budgets and staffing. Document and process automation helps colleges and universities reduce operational expenses while improving responsiveness to students and faculty.

  • Decreases the amount of time spent on business processes and other back-office activities; reduces operating expenses, freeing money to be spent on more strategic projects to advance the institution.

  • Improves student service and enrollment management processes, such as processing enrollment applications more quickly, increasing the odds of attracting and retaining first-choice candidates.

  • Integrates with student information systems (SIS), accounting software, human resources applications, and critical systems; supports end-to-end efficiency while reducing data entry and other tedious manual processes.

  • Cloud-native application offers affordability, security, disaster recovery, and reduced reliance on IT staff while reducing or eliminating costs associated with paper document management and storage.

  • Empowers administrators and staff to be nimble and collaborative by streamlining or removing manual processes, increasing workflow transparency, enabling anytime-anywhere access, creating permissions-based document sharing, and more.

K-12 Education Solutions
Higher Education Solutions

K-12 school districts nationwide use FileBound to reduce operational expenses while eliminating inefficiencies.  Follow the link for more information.

Tromba provides Student Solutions for Enrollment and Registration; Cumulative K-12 Student Files; Transcript Requests; Online Permission Forms; Student Safety and Intervention; English Learners Program Management; and much more.

Tromba also provides School Management Solutions for Disaster Recovery; Volunteer, Personnel, and Contract Approvals; Audit and Compliance; Onboarding and Training; Internal School Requests; School Board Packets; and much more.

With fluctuating volumes of invoices arriving in every possible format, manual keying of data into systems, and inefficient approval workflows, the probability of errors, lost documents, and non-compliance is high.

Major reductions in invoice processing cycle times and costs, near-total visibility into documentation and metrics, and seamless ERP integration create hyper-efficient AP departments that are also strategic hubs of business intelligence.

Combining multi-channel document capture (including mobile) and intelligent OCR, users have the power to quickly and accurately process any document of importance to any business.  Whether your school or school district captures student records, transcripts, HR employee documents, student recruiting documents, student applications,  employee applications, and more, save time and money by reducing the time and increasing the accuracy of capturing documents and information with Cognitive Document Automation.

Education Solutions

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