Tromba Technologies is a leading Upland Intelligent Capture reseller and solution provider
Tromba Technologies provides innovatice solutoins using Upland Intelligent Capture software.


Intelligent Capture

Cloud Capture as a Service

Easy to Set Up

Get up and running instantly. Don’t waste time waiting for installs. Everything is already set up in the cloud.

Available Everywhere

Capture-enable all of your devices from anywhere. Just go to a web page and log in to take advantage of all your tools.

Secure and Reliable

Assured 99.99% up-time (excluding weekend maintenance windows) and PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.

Annually Subscribed Pre-Paid Pricing

Take advantage of more simple billing processes that can be rolled out as a subscription based pre-paid service.

Powerful Document Workflow Tools

Intelligent Capture fits the universal needs of a document-intensive organization while allowing the flexibility to tailor the solution to unique needs based on size or industry. The rules-based architecture built into the foundation of Intelligent Capture allows images, documents, and data alike to be automatically extracted and transformed mid-transit. Point-based transformations using functions like OCR, conversion, compression, and even more complex functions like forms extraction are automated to simplify processes – and unburden staff, so they can focus on more high-value work.

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