Tromba Technologies offers a wide range of intelligent process automation consulting services, implementation services, support services, and products.  We also help organizations maximize automation efforts by helping them transform their manual processes with technology. Within those solutions are various software products and platforms with different automation technologies.  All of the products that Tromba Technologies offers directly, Tromba Technologies has decades of experience helping organizations to successfully implement.

Tromba Technologies is a certified reseller partner and solution provider for Kofax software products and Upland software products.  Tromba provides both Cloud and OnPremise solution licensing and platforms.  Additionally, Tromba Technologies is a partner reseller for production document  and network scanner manufacturers.

Upland FileBound Software Solution Provider

Enterprise Content Management

Electronic Forms

Digital Signatures


Kofax Capture

Do you need to reduce the time that it takes to capture and process high volumes of documents across your organization? 



Capture (KC), Kofax Capture Network Server, Kofax Front Office Server, Import Connectors (KIC), Export Connectors (KEC), and Virtual ReScan (VRS)

Transforms critical processes of engagement by bringing together your disparate technologies in an Intelligent Business Process


Management Suite.

TotalAgility (KTA), Customer Communication Modules (CCM), SignDocs (Digital Signatures), Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Kofax Insight

It’s time to rise above traditional system boundaries and harness the power of your information. Kofax Insight delivers analytics and process


intelligence capabilities to monitor, analyze and help you optimize your operational business processes.

Kofax Insight, Kofax Analytics for Capture (KAFC), Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility (KAFTA)

Consolidating  automation and artificial intelligence technologies builds the software framework of a comprehensive Automation

capture icon.png


Upland Intelligent Capture

Automate and accelerate document processing, making it possible to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and push document


processing speed and accuracy to their optimal states.

Transformation Modules (KTM), Kofax Search and Match Server (KSMS)

Kofax RPA

Automate manual, repetitive, and even tedious data entry tasks.  Complement your existing business process automation platform with


robotic process automation, an intelligent digital workforce that eliminates data entry errors while reducing processing times.


Kofax RPA (formerly Kapow), Robotics Process Automation

FileBound’s OnPremise and cloud-based application solution gives you the agility to stay ahead of competitors. FileBound includes all

devices icon.png

of the capabilities you need to improve the way work flows through your organization in an elegantly simple software application.

FileBound Enterprise, Workflow, Forms Portal, Connect

Production Document Scanners

Tromba is a leading reseller of the industry top scanner manufacturers.  From "on-the-go" scanning, desktop, workgroup to large volume


production scanners, Tromba can help you determine the best scanner for your needs.

Kodak Alaris, Epson, Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic, and Panini

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