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 Tromba Products

Tromba Technologies offers a wide range of intelligent process automation consulting services, implementation services, and support services.  We also help organizations maximize automation efforts by helping them transform their manual processes with technology. Within those solutions are various software products and platforms with different automation technologies.  All of the products that Tromba Technologies offers directly, Tromba Technologies has decades of experience helping organizations to successfully implement.

Tromba Technologies is a certified reseller partner and solution provider for the following software products and platform solutions.  Additionally, Tromba Technologies is a partner reseller for production scanner manufacturers.

Upland FileBound Software Solution Provider

Enterprise Content Management

Electronic Forms

Digital Signatures


Kofax Capture KC Reseller and Solution Provider

Kofax Capture

Capture family products: Capture, Front Office Server, Import Connectors, Export Connectors, and Virtual ReScan

Kofax TotalAgility KTA Reseller and Solution Provider

TotalAgility, Customer Communication Modules, SignDocs, Robotics Process Automation

Kofax Insight Reseller and Solution Provider

Kofax Insight

Business Intelligence and Process Intelligence

Production Document Scanners

Kodak Alaris, Epson, Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic, and Panini

Kofax Transformation Modules KTM Reseller and Solution Provider

Transformation Modules: Transformation Modules, Search and Match Server

Kofax RPA Robotics Process Automation Reseller and Solution Provider

Kofax Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (formerly Kapow)

FileBound Logo Square.png

FileBound Enterprise

FileBound family products: Document Management, Workflow, Enterprise, Electronic Forms, Forms Portal, and Intelligent Capture

Contact Tromba Technologies for more information on Kofax products, FileBound product, and scanners.  Let's begin planning your automation journey