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Handwriting Recognition That Just Works

FieldXpert.AI is an out-of-the-box handwriting recognition API that enables reliable recognition of handwritten values in form fields without configuring or tuning. Easily add a new skill to your automation. Handwriting, including handprint and cursive, is still a significant portion of the “first mile” of many processes involving customer interaction.

Whether it is part of an onboarding process using a hand-completed application or submitting a claims request with specific handwritten information, handwriting in all forms is part of daily business operations. While handwritten fields are a relatively small amount of all data, they represent a large share of the document processing costs.

Traditional methods to recognize handwriting require implementing very specific constraints. Automation is limited to specific data types (such, as amounts or dates). Also, since it requires extensive configuration using patterns and expected values, the ability to reliably recognize handwriting is complex.

Tromba Technologies has years of expertise in helping organizations with Intelligent Document Processing. Parascript creates best-in-class AI software that streamlines access to your data with unequaled precision. 

With modern deep learning-based machine learning, new levels of performance can be achieved enabling handwriting recognition to be part of any process automation project using FieldXpert.AI.



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Handwriting Recognition That Just Works


Ready-to-Deploy, Precise and Easy

With over 25 years in the domain of complex recognition, FieldXpert.AI represents the latest in Parascript handwriting technology using multiple modern machine learning algorithms.

The result is the ability to easily add support for recognizing handwritten fields to any document-oriented workflow to enable extraction of any type of field, from simple numeric, to longer-form alpha-numeric fields — all with no need to configure. It just works.

Available in a .NET runtime with a simple API, adding handwriting recognition for forms has never been easier to use and deploy. And it is tuned with the same precision that enables commercial mail and post and global banking to achieve 98% straight through processing.

Automate Your Data Entry Process for More Accuracy & Faster Results

Document-based information is the foundation for many business processes, putting increased time and cost pressure as organizations attempt to meet ever-changing customer expectations. When manual document processing fails, businesses often turn to document processing services to manage all documents, whether scanned, faxed, or generated from applications. This is critical to maximize efficiency, adaptability, and the customer experience, all while reducing costs.  Many of these services result in the same amount of human intervention with little to no learning capabilities. Parascript's Document Processing uses smart learning to turn complex, time consuming, costly, and error prone activities that are common with advanced capture into simple optimized configurations that enable straight through processing for document classification and separation.

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