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Tromba Technologies empowers enterprises with digital tranformation using Kofax Transformation Modules KTM Software


Reseller and Solution Provider

Transform Any and All Documents into Useful, Electronic Business Information

Classifying large volumes of documents and accurately extracting information is no small task. And it's certainly not a task that can be adequately handled through manual processes that are slow, error-prone, and expensive.

Tungsten Transformation automates and accelerates document processing. It fast-tracks document processing, increases accuracy, and reduces labor costs. Tungsten Transformation Modules is a powerful platform that applies intelligence to automate the separation, classification, extraction, and exception monitoring tasks. You don't need the expensive costs associated with managing a print shop. You can eliminate the excess and wasted efforts of sorting, prepping, and printing mailroom documents or emails. Tungsten Transformation can automatically "know" when a document begins and ends. Tungsten Transformation uses machine learning without IT or developer involvement to automate the identification and extraction of information in the document content. Now, any volume of documents or organizational size can be handled with precision. Put the power of Tungsten Transformation into your processes.


Tromba Technologies has decades of expertise in helping organizations with Tungsten Transformation. Tungsten Transformation, combined with Tungsten Capture, is another automation software product that builds a Cognitive Document Automation strategy and platform. Contact Tromba Technologies for more information about Tungsten Transformation and Cognitive Document Automation.

Increase Processing Capacity

Dramatically increase productivity and accelerate business processes by removing the need for manual document classification, separation, and extraction. Process more transactions each day easily and efficiently and improve information throughout your organization.

A Single Platform for Document Capture and Transformation

Tungsten Transformation automates understanding of any document type and the data on those documents for later processing or storage. With the Capture and Transformation system for capturing and processing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents, you can realize a new level of efficiency in your document capture processes and avoid costly integrations.

Integrate with existing systems

Tungsten Transformation Modules is built into the Tungsten Capture platform.  All of the benefits of Capture integration capabilities are leveraged to deliver your documents and content.  Capture is an open capture platform designed to integrate with any other enterprise software.  Capture will integrate unlimited software solutions to bring Enterprise class document capture to your organization.

What's new to Transformation?

Tungsten Automation has many new features and enhancement with the update of Transformation 7.1.0

For more information about Transformation, contact our Tungsten Experts!

For more information about Transformation, contact our Tungsten Experts!
Kofax Transformation Modules Reseller and Solution Provider

Want to Upgrade to Tungsten TotalAgility?

Tungsten TotalAgility is a relatively newer capture platform than Tungsten Capture. TotalAgility can do everything and anything currently done by Capture and Transformation. Companies that have been working with Tungsten for years are working on migrating their legacy Tungsten applications to TotalAgility platforms. There could not be a better time to upgrade to TotalAgility with the help of our experts.

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