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Tromba Technologies is a leading Kofax Insight Business and Process Intelligence Software reseller and solution provider.


Reseller and Solution Provider

Achieve Operational Excellence with True Process Intelligence and Business Analytics

Industry research has proven that the most profitable organizations use real-time analytics to manage their successful business process. How are your processes working, end-to-end and system-to-system? Organizations struggle with information scattered across internal databases, websites, business applications, and legacy systems, all with complex and often undocumented processes spread across multiple systems. It may seem impossible to know where work items are, how long they have been there, and how complete they are. The hows, whys, whens, and whats can be endless to gain business and process analytic intelligence.

It’s time to rise above traditional system boundaries and harness the power of your information. Tungsten Insight delivers analytics and process intelligence capabilities to monitor, analyze, and help you optimize your operational business processes. You can meet ever-changing customer and market requirements by outfitting your business with information agility. Unlike other business intelligence software, this unique solution combines process monitoring and analysis with rich visualizations, analytics, and data integration in a single solution for end-to-end visibility and understanding of your operational performance and compliance.

Tromba Technologies has years of expertise in helping organizations with Tungsten Insight. Built on Insight, out-of-the-box dashboards include Tungsten Analytics for Capture and Tungsten Analytics for TotalAgility. Put the power of Tungsten Insight to use in your organization and processes. Start your Hyper-Intelligent Automation Journey today!

Component of Tromba's Cloud Intelligent Automation Solution Stack

Tromba provides Business Intelligence and Process Intelligence solutions using Tungsten Insight. Tungsten Insight is an industry-leading Analytics dashboard and reporting product. Tungsten Insight is also a component of Tromba Technologies' Intelligent Automation Solution. Tromba deploys its Intelligent Automation Solutions either OnPremise or as a Cloud Solution.  

Kofax Insight
Component of Tromba's Cloud Solution

For more information about Insight , contact our Tungsten Experts!

For more information about Insight , contact our Tungsten Experts!

Powerful Performance Analysis Anytime, Anywhere

Accessible to the line of business users across any device or environment, anyone in your organization can quickly see the information tailored to their needs to analyze and optimize business operations. Thanks to a single-platform approach, there’s no need to wait for IT to build a data warehouse, data mart, or proprietary data model - you’ll be able to analyze your business on your schedule.

Unparalleled Business Process Awareness

Process intelligence – the analysis of data in the context of a business process – is the next evolutionary step in business intelligence. With Tungsten Insight, you’ll compare, group, and focus your analysis on how your organization is executing business processes. Understand the behavior that drives how your customers, clients, and users engage with your processes and how those execution patterns impact your bottom line.

Unique Visibility for Improved Decision Making

Tungsten Insight provides visualizations and analyses of all process and business information through an intuitive graphical interface that empowers you to make fast, fact-based decisions. Identify problems, take action, and make impactful analytics-based resolutions before process issues affect your customers.

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