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Prevent Fraud for Banking & Finance

Parascript machine learning software helps commercial and retail banking organizations automate complex, costly, and error-prone processes. These processes, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and AML initiatives, combat fraud and support compliance. As banks of all sizes expand their engagement channels and work to improve customer experiences, the costs of managing comprehensive compliance and fraud prevention processes continue to increase. New gaps in compliance are discovered seemingly every month.


Parascript software provides the automation “behind the scenes” for many solutions already used by banks, helping to enable compliance and identify fraud for financial institutions regardless of channel, such as remote deposit, teller, Web, ATM, or mobile device. The software detects counterfeit documents, signature forgery, content alteration, duplicate presentment, CAR/LAR mismatch, and payee match discrepancies. Reliable automation is key to mitigate losses, protect assets, and improve customer service and loyalty. Parascript automation software for compliance and fraud prevention solutions can be deployed in both front and back-office environments, enabling financial institutions to provide more comprehensive automation at lower costs than ever.

Tromba Technologies is SOC2 Type II compliant and has years of expertise in helping organizations with Intelligent Data Processing. Parascript creates best-in-class AI software that streamlines access to your data with unequaled precision. 

Over the years, Parascript has been established as a trusted provider of state-of-the-art solutions in cognitive computing, applying computer vision and artificial intelligence to a number of markets. Parascript was the first to solve the cursive handwriting puzzle. Over the past 25 years, they’ve grown to be the source for applied artificial intelligence technologies for some of the largest postal services and other Global 2000 organizations. Start your automation journey today!

Fraud Prevention


Reseller and Solution Provider

Prevent Fraud for Banking & Finance

Parascript Fraud Prevent

CheckStock® protects against check forgeries by verifying all pre-printed stock objects on business and personal checks and Image Replacement Documents (IRDs). It identifies counterfeit checks by inspecting pre-printed objects individually for instant comparison against reference check stock and detects even the most sophisticated forgeries. It also evaluates the size of the documents and the distances and complex relationships between different check stock components.

SignatureXpert.AI® is a signature forgery detection software that provides signature verification with unprecedented accuracy. It enables signature authentication in applications, including check processing, loan origination, voting by mail, petitions, and countless other uses where it is crucial to prevent signature fraud. 

SignatureOnline® verifies and detects signature discrepancies through online applications to help businesses and organizations fight signature fraud. The software is highly effective for fraud prevention and is used for workflow automation, document management, and electronic transactions in banking, financial, health care, retail, government, and other sectors.

The most common method employed to ensure that each vote is legitimate is the use of signature match or review, whereby each signature on a submitted ballot is compared with signatures on voter records to determine authenticity. In the majority of elections that use vote-by-mail or absentee ballots, signatures are reviewed manually. This causes problems not only in the time and resources required but also with the ability to reliably compare signatures due to staff who are not always comprehensively trained and with claims that the verification process can be politically manipulated.

Combats Counterfeit

Combats counterfeit through meticulous verification of all major pre-printed elements on business and personal checks and IRDs, including headers, check number, date, payee, dollar amount, dollar sign, memo, payor block and payor field. Complete analysis is performed by a combination of multiple forgery detection algorithms that review content, font type, font size, font spacing, the placement of each item and relative distances between pairs of blocks. As a result, financial institutions immediately identify the slightest variation on a given check or remote deposit.

Helps Fight Fraud Online

Parascript auto-verifies and auto-detects signature discrepancies through online applications to help businesses and organizations fight signature fraud. When used for online verification, it analyzes pressure, speed and tension. The software is highly effective for fraud prevention and is used for workflow automation, document management, and for electronic transactions in banking, financial, health care, retail, government and other sectors.

How Parascript Verifies Content

Parascript accesses reference signatures and additional account information from the database to process transactions in real-time or batch mode and flag potentially fraudulent items so that financial institutions can easily identify content alteration, prevent duplication, and validate payee match.

Restrictive Endorsement

Parascript solutions provide support for Regulation CC changes that involve indemnification of depository banks from checks that originally were received via remote deposit, including mobile deposit. Regulation CC places the risk of multiple deposits of the same check on the institution, which accepts the item via Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

With Parascript technology solutions, banks providing remote deposit services automatically detect and process the restrictive endorsement information necessary to reduce the chance of multiple deposit fraud and remove liability. If the restrictive endorsement is not detected or if it is not consistent with bank requirements, the check can be immediately rejected. Since Parascript technology locates and recognizes both handprinted and machine-printed data, you have the flexibility to select any restrictive endorsement that you want and reduce customer impact.

Payee Match

For applications that require an extra level of protection for checks, Parascript technology supports the core needs of payee match/positive pay by locating and extracting the payee name and verifying it. This is an extra layer of protection since it compares payee information from checks and remote deposits to payee information in the customer-issued file. This further data validation helps to significantly reduce fraud.

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