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Streamlining the Paper Trail

Information is the most critical component of any legal matter, whether it’s for corporate counsel finalizing a contract or a litigator preparing to try a case.  Legal departments and law firms use our solutions to control and organize the information chaos that can surround even a relatively simple legal matter.

Documents of all formats – scanned images, Word documents, audio, video and beyond – can all be organized in a single secure repository that integrates seamlessly with practice management software or other applications.  This provides attorneys and their support teams the perks of secure, reliable document access across multiple offices or from remote locations, with minimal impact on current processes.

Document creation, collaboration and publication are the lifeblood of any legal practice. Increasing technological change and opportunity mean that security, productivity, cost of ownership and protecting profitability are more important than ever. In a world where confidentiality and transparency both matter, firms require a seamless, secure and integrated print management solution.

Enterprise Content Management

Tromba helps organizations of all sizes cut costs, improve service and increase visibility by controlling content chaos and eliminating manual processes. We offer innovation, and we continually evolve to devise clever solutions to everyday problems.


Do you need to sift through large piles of information to categorize and extract important information?  We have solutions that can help do this quickly.

Cognitive Document Automation

Are you trying to capture large volume of documents (paper, email, and more)?  Do you need to capture documents quickly, categorize the document classification, and extract important information from the documents?  This can all be done intelligently and in automated, secure, and compliance processes.

Account Payable in the Legal Office

Legal departments and law firms of all kinds are looking for an all in one accounts payable solution to control the information chaos that can surround even a relatively simple matter — like paying the bills. We can help.

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