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Automate Content-Rich Business Processes

What's new to Kofax TotalAgility?

Kofax TotalAgility has many new features and enhancement with the update of TotalAgility 8

Tromba Technologies helps empower enterprises using Kofax Robotics Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Reseller and Solution Provider

Create a Digital Workforce with RPA

Repetitive manual tasks slow down knowledge workers. Do you have tasks that your workers too long? Do you dread having to retrain employees when those knowledge workers are not available? There is a better way. 

Tungsten RPA (Robotic Rrocess Automation) is the fastest and most efficient way for you to automate those manual tasks. Collecting, reviewing, and entering in data between systems, websites or portals are easy opportunities to utilize robots to do that work for you. This frees knowledge worker's time and put them in a position to offer the most value to your company. No longer will they copy and paste data from a spreadsheet to system and back again. Let Tungsten RPA do the work for you and realize your operational potential.

Tromba Technologies has years of expertise in helping organizations with Tungsten RPA. Tungsten RPA is a market-leading Robotics Process Management solution. Tungsten RPA, combined with Tungsten TotalAgility, is a complete automation solution that provides all the capabilities of a Hyper-Intelligent/Hyperautomation platform and strategy. Put the power of Tungsten RPA to use in your organization and processes. Start your automation journey today!

Kofax RPA

What's new to RPA?

Tungsten Automation has many new features and enhancement with the update of RPA 11.4.0

For more information about RPA, contact our Tungsten Experts!

For more information about RPA, contact our Tungsten Experts!

Use Software Robots to Automate Key Business Process Activities

Return time to an engaged workforce and free your employees from repetitive, manual tasks to apply their skills to value-added activities that require a human touch. Software robots automate the interactions that a user performs within an application or other data source, allowing your workers to focus on more strategic work while increasing productivity.

Easily Integrate Information from External And Internal Sources

Automatically acquire and integrate data from websites, portals, and enterprise applications for streamlined processing of digital content and greater insight for decision making. All types of application environments are supported, including web, windows mainframe, windows, JAVA, and mainframe.

Match The Speed of Business without Months of Development

Deploy software robots to new process activities as your business needs and priorities change without the need for coding and months of development. Build and deploy automation in a matter of days and weeks—without ripping out platforms that are core to your business or re-engineering processes.

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