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7.11 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in TotalAgility 7.11.0.

Import Connector enhancements

Allow or skip files for conversion or import

The following options are added to allow or skip files for import or conversion:

  • Allow import and skip import files in the Advanced tab of all the import sources.

  • Skip converting files in the Document normalization tab for all the import sources.

  • Allow conversion and Skip conversion in the General tab of the Document conversion profile.

Multi-tenant Message Connector support

TotalAgility Azure environment supports multi-tenant Message Connectors.

Email notifications

An email notification is sent when the document import is successful, partially successful, rejected, or failed.

Credential storage

A new Credential storage feature is added to control how you want to connect to the Message Connector Monitor. The available options are:

  • Local (default): Provide the credentials (username and password) available in the Message Connector Configuration.

  • External: Provide the secret name for the username and password saved in the external storage.

Sender metadata

The sender detail from the message is used for metadata when the From field is not available.

VCF files supported

TotalAgility supports .vcf files.

Extract hidden text

You can extract the hidden text from Microsoft Word while converting it to PDF or PDF/A.

Remove blank pages

Use the new RemoveBlankPages setting available in the General section of the KFXConverter settings of the Document conversion profile to remove the blank pages in a converted PDF.

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