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7.11 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in TotalAgility 7.11.0.


Support for Active Directory password for database authentication

For a standard installation of TotalAgility on-premise, a new Azure Active Directory – Password authentication type is available if the database server mode is SQL Azure.

On-premise support to Integration server

Previously, the TotalAgility Integration server only supported pointing to a tenant on an on-premise multi-tenant or Azure environment.

In TotalAgility 7.11.0, when installing the Integration server, you can point to an on-premise TotalAgility installation.

On-premise multi-tenant installation enhancements

You can install a deployment of TotalAgility as either a production or non-production deployment type. Production deployments are intended for real-world use cases, whereas non-production deployment is intended for development, testing, demo, and prototyping purposes. When you run the installer for on-premise multi-tenancy, a new Deployment type option is available where you can provide a deployment name. The live environment type is renamed as "Production deployment" and the dev environment type is renamed as "Additional deployment (non-production)."

Missing settings for Core Worker thread pool queue sizes

The following configuration settings are added in the Core Worker tab of the Configuration Utility for TotalAgility on-premise and Integration Server:

  • CoreWorkerMaxAutoActivityThreadPoolSize

  • CoreWorkerMaxJobThreadPoolSize

  • CoreWorkerMaxProcessActivitiesThreadPoolSize

RTTS warm-up image concept

Use the new RTTS warm-up job system setting to select a warm-up process and upload an image. On launching TotalAgility, a warm-up job is automatically started on the uploaded process. During warm-up, the uploaded image is used to start up the Transformation Server and pull the project and execute it, so next time the Transformation Server is ready for use.

Support Azure SQL Managed Instance for TotalAgility database

Kofax TotalAgility on-premise and on-premise multi-tenant environments support Azure SQL Managed Instance for back-end databases.

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