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7.11 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in TotalAgility 7.11.0.

Multi-tenant deployment enhancements

An on-premise multi-tenant installation of TotalAgility now supports multiple additional deployments. In earlier versions, there was a Live environment (belonging to the Production deployment) and a Dev environment (belonging to the Development deployment) but now the tenants have a mandatory production deployment and zero or more additional deployments.

A deployment is an installation of TotalAgility on-premise multi-tenant on a web/app server (split or combined). Once the deployment is installed it must be associated with a data center using the Tenant Management System. Then each deployment can be set up with zero or more environments that are accessible to tenants.

Licensing is associated with the deployment and each tenant gets an allocation; therefore, the serial number and product code are required for deployment.

The navigation in the Tenant Management Site is reworked to improve usability. All items that are not tenant-specific now appear on a horizontal menu.

The License Activation menu option lets the tenant associate the licensing server and activate/reactivate a license per deployment. The License Statistics menu shows them the usage on each deployment, and per tenant on that deployment

When creating a tenant, a new Additional Environments tab is available. This tab lists all environments available in the data center (across all deployments). When giving a tenant access to an environment, you can choose to add the database schema to a separate database, or an existing one.

The installation program is also reworked so that you can install Tenant Management System, Master/Data Centers databases, and deployments independently.

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