Cognitive Document Automation


Cognitive Document Automation is the use of automation technologies to intelligently automate the acquisition, understanding and integration of all types of information across an organization, especially unstructured data in documents and emails.

Through cognitive document automation (CDA), which combines multichannel document capture (including mobile) and intelligent OCR, users have the power to quickly and accurately process any document of importance to any business.

Organizations can augment cognitive capture with robotic process automation (RPA) and other "smart" capabilities such as process orchestration, and analytics―all within a single, unified Intelligent Automation platform and solution.


Customers can deploy a comprehensive business workflow that manages and optimizes all document and data capture tasks to enable lower operational costs and improved customer engagement

Image Perfection - Perfect Image Every Time

Eliminate the need to rescan with automatic image correction, regardless of color, size, contrast, condition or content. Simple tools in the document imaging software enable operators to make quick repairs without having to touch the original document.

Machine Learning

Machine learning transforms structured and unstructured data into actionable insights, and embedded AI smartly recognizes people, content and context.  Cognitive Document Automation learns from you as a user where information is in the document.

Natural Language

Sentiment analysis and entity extraction improve customer and employee engagement and loyalty, deliver greater insights to the voice and opinions of social media, chat bot dialogs and email, and enhance decisions through greater understanding of intent.

Separate Documents

No more manual sorting.  No more coversheets.  Automate separating documents.  Automation will determine where a document begins and ends.

Classify Documents

No more manual sorting of of like document stacks.  No more coversheets that have to be manually created to "tell" the system what type of document is being scanned.  Automate classifying the documents that are scanned.  Automation will determine what "type" of document it is and where the document's first and last page is.

Extract Information

Automation can extract both structure and unstructured information.  Advanced OCR, multiple OCR engine voting, ICR (hand writing), OMR mark-sense recognition; all combined with Intelligent Automation rules creates the automation required to power high-volume mailroom automation.

Evaluate Results

Provide visibility, process intelligence and insight to customers, employees, robots and business partners.

Manage Exceptions

Drive successful outcomes by orchestrating multiple actions, people, software robots, policies and systems.


Integrates with downstream processes or systems of record through either pre-configured, system-specific connectors or API- or standards-based connectors. Or leverage RPA robots to integrate with systems where these connectors are unavailable. In this case, RPA employs built-in integration capabilities that easily map data between source and destination systems, without the need for exposed APIs or web services and without writing integration code.

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Tromba Cognitive Documents Solutions

Kofax Capture

Optimize the way you capture, process and leverage all types of documents and information across your organization and from virtually any location.

Kofax Transformation Modules

Transform any and all documents into useful electronic business information.

Develop and deploy intelligent business processes that simplify critical, information-rich customer interactions within a single, scalable platform.

Cloud Capture as a Service

Cloud-ready capture solution outfitted with machine learning technology to automatically gather images and improve data accuracy every time information is captured.



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