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How can TrombaAI help with your disaster recovery and business continuity plan?

It used to be that disaster recovery was a backup of your files and databases on your servers. Your System Administrators had to check and verify that the backup systems were working properly and that the current backups were valid.

Fast forward to today, there is more to business continuity than server backups. There are more backup options now with OnPremise, Cloud, and Hybrid options. And what about remote worker models and options? Now, even small businesses have opportunities to utilize a workforce that is not always present in a “brick and mortar” office building. But how do you back up your processes, business rules, security & compliance, all while backing up your data?

This is where TrombaAI and Tromba Technologies can help your organization. TrombaAI is a cloud automation platform. Your business processes, business rules, security & compliance policies, and data can be maintained 24/7. Your remote worker continuity plans would fully support maintaining the security and integrity of your business processes and documents.

But what if you have Kofax TotalAgility or Kofax Capture? Tromba can help you implement successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery models for those products as well. Kofax TotalAgility is a browser-based automation platform that has the technology and feature native to support your requirements fully. Kofax Capture has Kofax Capture Network Server that can be added to support distributed processing as well as a disaster recovery model.

Another hurricane season passed. But disaster can occur at any time. As we have seen recently, a building can collapse without warning. What happens then? Buildings catch fire and are damaged where that cannot be inhabited for periods of time.

Don’t get caught with your workforce unable to access your data, access your business processes, and unable to maintain security and compliance. Contact Tromba today to learn more about how our solutions can meet your enterprise’s most complex business continuity plan or help your small business move from backing up data to a true business continuity plan that keeps your business running when disaster hits.

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