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Kofax is now Tungsten Automation

Kofax has decided to adopt a new name that better aligns with the company's current identity, capabilities, and future aspirations. The decision to rebrand reflects the evolution of Kofax's company and the need for a name that more closely aligns with their present identity, capabilities, and aspirations.


Today, Kofax stands as the global leader in intelligent workflow automation. They offer a diverse portfolio of trusted solutions, empowering customers to automate their data-intensive workflows across a broad set of business-critical use cases.

This change is not just about a new name - it signifies a pivotal moment in Kofax's journey - symbolizing their commitment to staying at the forefront of our industry, embracing change and innovation, and adapting to your evolving needs.

New Look, Same Commitment

While Kofax's name is changing, their commitment to delivering market-leading solutions and services, providing unmatched efficiencies, and delivering cost savings to our customers remains the same. Tungsten Automation promises to continue to be your trusted partner, dedicated to helping propel your business forward.

What's Next?

In the coming months, you'll witness the gradual transition to Kofax's new name across our communications, marketing materials, and digital platforms. Rest assured, this change will not impact day-to-day operations or the high-quality service you've come to expect from us.


Message From our Team

Change can be a scary proposition. It forces us to face unknown outcomes, uncertainty, and potentially unintended consequences. However, change is necessary to experience growth. It allows your strengths to be exposed and allows you to identify what your potential opportunities are. Change allows your company to become flexible and adaptable to new outside forces. In this spirit, Kofax is announcing its rebrand to Tungsten Automation. 

This decision is reflected by the company's desire to embrace the evolution of their company and industry while still maintaining their identity, capability and aspirations. Kofax's roots are cemented in a document capture company helping their customers transition from a paper-based environment to a digital hyper automation based one. Today, Tungsten Automation is dedicated to embracing change and innovation that will meet and exceed their customers' needs. 

What will remain unchanged is Tungsten Automation's ability and commitment to providing industry-leading solutions. They will continue to offer a diverse portfolio of products that range from machine learning cognitive capture to artificial intelligence backed smart process applications. These offerings are the best of breed in their industry and will continue to be in the future. 

Tungsten Automation's name and branding change may invoke some fear, but it is necessary to move forward and adapt with a changing industry. They are committed to remaining a global industry leader with a suite of solutions that can be tailored to your specific challenges. Tromba Technologies is excited to continue our partnership with Kofax, now Tungsten Automation. 

We look forward to the ability to continue to offer best-in-class solutions for your business.

Kofax Professional Services
Kofax Products

Professional Services

Tromba Technologies provides Tungsten Automation professional services. These include product sales, solutions, license sizing, project design, planning, management, implementation, support, consulting, testing, custom development, and training services. 


Tromba Technologies is a Tungsten Reseller Partner. Tromba's team comprises Tungsten Automation consultants and experts with decades of professional services and support experience with Tungsten intelligent automation products. Tungsten products that Tromba provides professional services for are:

  • Tugnsten AP Essentials

  • Tungsten Express

  • Tungsten Capture

  • Tungsten Transformation 

  • Tungsten TotalAgility

  • Tungsten Communication Manager

  • Tungsten RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • Tungsten Insight

    • Tungsten Analytics for Capture

    • Tungsten Analytics for TotalAgility

  • Tungsten Import Connectors

  • Tungsten Export Connectors 

With decades of experience with various ERP, ECM, and other Enterprise eco-system platforms, Tromba provides exceptional value in integrating Tungsten Automation products. By using our knowledge of Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) and understanding of using AI and OCR to automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of documents needed in your business processes, Tromba strives to bring you automation and increase efficiency without you having to be an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Learn more about Tromba's professional services for Tungsten Automation products:

It’s time to rise above traditional system boundaries and harness the power of your information. Tungsten Insight delivers business analytics and process intelligence capabilities to monitor, analyze, and help you optimize your operational business processes.

Tungsten Insight, Tungsten Analytics for Capture, Tungsten Analytics for TotalAgility

Transform critical engagement processes by bringing together your disparate technologies in an Intelligent Business Process Management Suite.

Tungsten TotalAgility, Tungsten Communication Management, SignDocs (Digital Signatures), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS).

Do you need to reduce the time that it takes to capture and process high volumes of documents across your organization?

Capture, Tungsten Capture Network Server, Tungsten Front Office Server, Import Connectors, Export Connectors, and Virtual ReScan (VRS)

Automate manual, repetitive, and even tedious data entry tasks. Complement your existing business process automation platform with robotic process automation and an intelligent digital workforce that eliminates data entry errors while reducing processing times.

Tungsten RPA, Robotic Process Automation

Automate and accelerate document processing, making it possible to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and push document processing speed and accuracy to their optimal states.

Tungsten Transformation, Tungsten Search and Match Server

Tungsten AP Essentials lowers costs and shortens processing times by automating the capture and validation of invoices from any source in any format.  A dedicated cloud operations team ensures optimal performance with around-the-clock monitoring and effortless handling of significant changes in document volumes.  

Tungsten AP Essentials

Tungsten Intelligent Automation Services

For more information about Tungsten Automation, contact our Tungsten experts!

Learn more about Kofax

Tungsten Intelligent Automation

Tromba Technologies helps organizations understand and implement the pillars of Tungsten Automation capabilities.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Employ software robots to automate repetitive tasks and manual processes, enhancing the work of human talent by enabling them to focus on innovative, customer-focused initiatives.

Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration

Improve high-value customer journeys and streamline operations.

Mobility and Engagement

Mobility & Engagement

Communicate and transact with customers via mobile; efficiently, effectively and securely.

advanced analytics.jpg

Advanced Analytics

Increase visibility, gain deep operational insights, reduce risk/non-compliance, and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Cognitive Document Automation

Cognitive Capture

Modernize slow, manual, error-prone or expensive processes related to processing documents and electronic data.

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