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No More Data Silos and Faulty Information

It's a no-brainer. To succeed, you need quick access to information, many times from multiple systems, to make effective business decisions. But if your library of business applications is disconnected, they become siloed, which means more manual processes, inconsistent data, and room for human error.

Upland products are designed to be easy to deploy, highly configurable, scalable, flexible, and secure, with each delivered through a cloud infrastructure that boasts a modern and intuitive user interface. We refer to this as the "Upland Experience." FileBound provides customers with the best experience integrating our family of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software products and other third-party lines of business applications.

  • Upland Integration Platform, powered by Dell Boomi – partnership with Dell Boomi provides FileBound clients with reliable, secure integration between FileBound and existing applications already deployed at their organization. FileBound's platform gives you an added advantage when it comes to ensuring that you are technologically up to speed on the latest updates or when transferring critical data between platforms.

  • APIs – for organizations with the capacity to develop their integrations in-house, FileBound APIs offer cost-effective solutions for building customized integration with your existing line-of-business systems.

  • Fused Interface effortlessly pulls up information used within your industry, whether you're looking for contracts, agreements, invoices, student or patient records, or deeds and land plots (and beyond). Whatever your industry and valuable data you access frequently, you will have the added impact of having all available information at your fingertips to disseminate quickly.

  • Single Sign-On – if your company uses one of many standard Single Sign-On providers, our SAML 2.0 compliance ensures authentication security through them while using FileBound.

What's new to FileBound Integration?

FileBound has many new features and enhancement with the update of FileBound 8.2

For more information about FileBound products and solutions, contact our FileBound experts!

Tromba Technologies helps empower enterprises with integration solutions using FileBound Enterprise.  Contact Tromba Technologies and learn more about FileBound Enterprise integration benefits and solutions to begin your automation journey today.
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