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Intelligence to Management - Real-time Analytics Drive Achievement

Truly revolutionizing work management is more complex than simply getting control of documents and routing them through a business process. Electronically reproducing inadequate and inefficient processes is still inefficient. Organizations need data to measure process cycles, performance, compliance, and other Key Performance Indicators to transform business processes into efficient, cost-saving business processes. Without an understanding of what the data means or where there is an opportunity for process improvement, organizations won’t receive the full value of the solution they’ve invested in.

FileBound combines robust analytic capabilities with a focus on the user experience to deliver intelligence without the complexity. Users do not have to be database reporting specialists to view data on the fly, create standard reports, or build dashboards.

  • Quickly recognize content demographics and trends

  • Evaluate user productivity or process efficiency

  • Easily identify areas for improvement

  • Anticipate the effects of current trends on future productivity


Five “Insights” dashboards are available, which use the performance of historical data and processes to compare current performance against the running average and even predict the future flow and progression of various processes.

  • Predictive Analytics: Provides insights into how quickly items will reach their completion based on the historical averages of the workflow patterns (e.g., see how quickly invoices will be ready for payment, allowing you to predict the effect on cash flows at any point in your payment cycle).

  • Performance Comparison: Displays a split of the total accounts in the system and how, as an example, payments to vendors sum to total the expenditures for that timeframe.

  • Workflow Benchmark: This shows the amount of time it took to process a single, selected document through its workflow route, allowing managers to make critical decisions on how to align resources best and allocate work.

  • Workflow User Productivity Analysis: Gives a detailed performance overview for the selected user’s assignments. This helps identify bottlenecks in the company’s overall processes, which can increase efficiencies and help alleviate resourcing issues before they become problematic.

  • Workflow Step Productivity Analysis: Visually see an overall view of the total performance for anyone step in a workflow and compare it to the running average. Identify top performers and highlight lower-performing resources that may benefit from additional training.

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