Are you a Chamber of Commerce Member?

Something great for Tromba has been to join the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce (GCCC). I want to encourage every business owner and professional to get involved with a local Chamber of Commerce. Tromba is local to the Denver, CO; however Tromba has been doing business all over the United States and in Cheyenne, WY for nearly 2 decades.

Here are some benefits to being a GCCC Member:

Business Contacts – there are numerous weekly and monthly lunches, coffees, and after-hour “get-togethers” that all help build and promoting business contacts, provide new member information, and provide overall very interesting information focused on local businesses and business in general. Right now, important meetings are virtual conference calls and some are postponed.

Receive Chamber Newsletters – I know, you are thinking that you do not need more newsletters in your inbox. However, with the current local, state, and government daily legislative changes; I find my GCCC newsletters extremely valuable. I have been getting daily updates related to the SMB legislation changes due to COVID-19, SMB loan and financial relief information coming out of Washington, DC. The information is detailed and helpful. No need to hunt and weed through old information, because the correct and accurate information is in my inbox.