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Struggling to enable your remote workers?

“Work” has changed for 2020! How “Work” is performed has changed in 2020. Where “Work” is performed has changed in 2020.

Something that Tromba Technologies has specialized in for over a decade is hepling organizations to manage “work”. Tromba's customers use Upland FileBound Enterprise to help organizations manage their “work” from anywhere, at any time. Knowledge workers, processors, and end-users receive assigned work items; know what work needs to be completed in what priority; view documents; and perform actions from anywhere on any device.

FileBound Enterprise enables mobile workers
FileBound Enterprise enables mobile workers

Are you facing new challenges with a remote or a “at-home” workforce? Tromba Technologies implements FileBound Enterprise for it's customers using automation workflow to automatically assign work items to users based upon dynamic process rules. Your users can use their laptops, pads, and phones to view work items and related documents. Once the work item is completed, the work item will automatically move to the next step in any workflow.

FileBound Enterprise Electronic Forms Portal
FileBound Enterprise Electronic Forms Portal

Are you stuck using paper forms? Do you have a directory full of PDF forms like Change of Address? Employee Forms? Customer Forms? Paper forms and even form-fill PDFs that require being printed add unnecessary process burden. These forms also make remote work to process these forms nearly impossible. Tromba Technologies enables organizations with FileBound Enterprise's native Electronic Forms Portal. FileBound Enterprise's Forms Portal allows organizations to use electronic forms as documents and data. These electronic forms can be submitted to users and systems. Improve your customer's experience. Let them submit documents and data directly into your business processes using electronic forms. FileBound’s Forms Portal is user friendly! It allows users to create Forms using a WYSIWYG designer that is entirely drag-and-drop. No html or coding knowledge required! FileBound has a power electronic form signature feature. DocuSign digital signature integration is native in FileBound Enterprise as well. FileBound Enterprise’ Forms Portal reduces process times for any form-driven process.

By moving your HR, Customer Service, and other departments to use electronic forms, you can leap forward enabling remote workers and moving your organization away from the dependency of paper and internal PDF forms for your business assets.

Are your users having difficulty finding and using documents? FileBound Enterprise at its core is an Electronic Content Management platform. FileBound Enterprise is a secure centralized repository that is accessible from anywhere with any device. FileBound Enterprise can seamlessly transition data to and from existing application data environments. Users rely upon entire enterprise eco-systems to get work done. FileBound Enterprise eliminates the duplicate effort and information silos by seamlessly integrating with your other data environments.

Tromba Technologies is an Upland FileBound Reseller. We provide services and solutions utilizing all Upland FileBound products and automation capabilities. Contact Tromba today to discuss how FileBound can enable your new and existing remote work strategies. Begin your automation journey with Tromba Technologies today!


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