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The last few years have been entirely unpredictable for every industry. The only way a business can survive is to embrace the latest innovations in automation and intelligence. TrombaAI enables our customers to work smarter, improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs, and reduce processing time. TrombaAI can make your business model more resilient by optimizing your organization's automation and intelligence technologies.

What does Tromba do to help our customers?

Over decades of working with customers, Tromba provides various solutions to customers struggling with automation. TrombaAI is a transactional subscription-based Automation Intelligence cloud platform designed to optimize the benefits and eliminate risks associated with Automation projects. With TrombaAI, the entry cost is low and remains low. Several Automation technologies are available and can be "turned on" at any time based on an organization's needs.

TrombaAI allows you to set up a virtual and robot-automated office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. Let TrombaAI work around the clock to improve your business efficiency.

Tromba AI Features

TrombaAI has predefined configurations that meet many needs and provide industry best practices. Additionally, TrombaAI can be modified and configured to meet your specific needs. So, you have a starting point as well as the ability to make the solution fit you.

Base solutions to help you get started are readily available for Invoice Processing, Onboarding (Applications with supporting documents), HR Employee Packet, Medical Claim Processing, and we will tailor TrombaAI to meet YOUR needs.

TrombaAI has seven modules available to our customers: Cognitive Document Automation, Intelligent Business Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Self-Service Customer, and Process Portals, Analytics, and PDF Digital Signing.

TombaAI is capable of direct integration with target systems such as:

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Micro Focus Content Manager

  • Microsoft Exchange and other Email Servers

  • Box

  • CMIS compliant Repositories

  • FileBound

  • IBM FileNet Content Manager/Image Services

  • Documentum Content Server

  • OpenText eDOCS

  • Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

  • Web Service APIs

  • Azure Cloud Storage

  • And more…

TrombaAI is built in Microsoft Azure using Azure security protocols and compliance frameworks. Azure is proven and trusted to secure data and documents.

TrombaAI Benefits

Being a subscription cost model, TrombaAI helps organizations overcome the cost of getting started with automation. TrombaAI eliminates the costs for you to maintain your automation intelligence IT systems. The costs associated with purchasing expensive hardware and other infrastructure equipment are eliminated. There are no costs for system upgrades, new hardware, software, or energy. You no longer need to pay to maintain talent and skills for automation technologies.

With base solutions ready to be tailored to your needs, TrombaAI helps you quickly get started using automation. Automation project timelines can be reduced by months simply because TrombaAI infrastructure already exists, and Tromba has baseline projects for Invoices, HR, Onboarding, Medical Claims, and Mailroom already built.

TrombaAI helps your organization reduce document storage and transmission costs while efficiently finding documents through the entire process lifecycle. Move to a self-service model with portals for self-service document requests, self-service document and information submission, self-service dispute resolution, and other self-service best practices. Reduce office supply costs like paper, copying, file folders, boxes, and additional filing-related costs. Reduce your data entry labor without the headaches of outsourcing. Enable more scalable and remote labor models to accomplish more with less.

Highlighting a Client Success Story

The Align Team and the State of Wyoming Department of Family Services partnered with Tromba Technologies to move from paper-driven processes to electronic content and case management using TrombaAI. The Align Team and the State of Wyoming embarked on an ambitious effort to replace paper-driven processes with electronic content, document cognitive capture, and automation workflows for case management.

The Align Team has taken control of the end-to-end constituent case lifecycle. TrombaAI for Government was utilized with Cognitive Document Capture, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and Intelligent Case Management business processes, all seamlessly integrated with the State of Wyoming benefit eligibility and payment system. Today, The Align Team empowers the benefits program with complete control over case files and processes, helping them effectively manage the cost of growing volumes of work.

Kathy Cathcart, President of The Align Team, states, “When we started, we had 31 processors to manage the paper and manual processes. We just finished the last season with three times the volume and only needed 14 processors. That is HUGE for this benefit program and the constituents of Wyoming!”

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TrombaAI partners with The Align Team
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