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FileBound Connect

FileBound Connect

FileBound Connect is all about accessing your content in the efficient and most user-intuitive way. FileBound Connect is intelligently designed to eliminate the process of searching to retrieve relevant content. Transform how your users connect to your organization daily through your business applications with our clean design and out-of-the-box integrations.

ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems – the number of applications employees navigate daily is cumbersome. FileBound Connect bridges these systems and the content that supports them, enabling users to access relevant content in their primary application. By empowering employees with the content and data they need, Connect helps users make intelligent business decisions.

FileBound Connect Features

Intelligent Content Delivery

With intuitive content delivery, instant notifications, and drag-and-drop functionality, Connect integrates with your existing systems to quickly get you the information you need and make your workday go more smoothly.

Content Delivery

Connect works with business applications to anticipate which content complements the application and automatically delivers it straight to your fingertips.

Instant Notifications

Users are notified of assignments the moment they are received. One click takes you directly into Connect to move through the approval process.

Drag and Drop

Add content to FileBound simply by dropping it into the file – Connect does the rest. Customizable folders provide an intuitive design anyone in an organization can follow.

FileBound Drive

Interact with your documents in the Windows Explorer format that your users are familiar with, while keeping the security and control of your FileBound system.

FileBound Send and Save

Store your emails within FileBound at the time of sending them.

Enhancements to FileBound Connect with FileBound 8.0

FileBound 8.0 now allows bulk document export. Now users can export entire folders of documents saving significant time. Users are also able to access forms for a project directly from Connect.

When collaborating on a document, especially when you leave it and return, finding where you left off can be challenging. The search is unnecessary and time-consuming. Filebound now has a feature that enables users to open a viewer to a selected divider. Small details such as these allow FileBound to redirect valuable time to valuable tasks.

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