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“Work” as we know it is changing, adapting to the growing demands of technology. And FileBound’s OnPremise and cloud-based application solution gives you the agility to stay ahead of competitors. An end-to-end solution for document and workflow automation, FileBound includes all of the capabilities you need to improve the way work flows through your organization in an elegantly simple software application.

FileBound helps you effortlessly manage business processes from beginning to end, while alleviating the burden of increasingly outdated paper-based processes, so you can decrease costs and increase productivity while supporting compliance with internal and external mandates.


Tromba Technologies has decades of expertise helping organizations with FileBound.  FileBound is an industry leading Enterprise Content Management solution.  

FileBound products features are available OnPremise and as Cloud software-as-a-service applications.

Component of Tromba's Cloud Intelligent Automation Solution Stack


Tromba provides Enterprise Content Management Repository and Electronic Forms solutions using FileBound Enterprise.  FileBound Enterprise is an industry leading ECM product and is a component of Tromba Technologies' Intelligent Automation Solution.  Tromba deploys its Intelligent Automation Solutions either OnPremise or as a Cloud Solution.  

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Effortlessly store all critical business documents and critical content in a secure centralized repository, accessible from anywhere.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Document Management reseller and solution provider

Empower users to automate processes with a graphical, user-friendly configuration tool, enabling quick deployment.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Workflow Automation reseller and solution provider

Collect data from internal or external users and trigger workflows directly from FileBound, reducing cycle times for all kinds of processes.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Forms Portal reseller and solution provider

Uncover intelligence about the data in the FileBound system, insight into current performance and process status and strategies for future process improvement.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Analytics reseller and solution provider

Allows users to work when, where and how they want with responsive technology that delivers an optimum experience, regardless of the device.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Mobile reseller and solution provider

Seamlessly transition data to and from existing or future applications users rely on to get their work done, eliminating duplicate effort and information silos.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Integration reseller and solution provider

Accessing your content has never been easier.  FileBound Connect anticipates content users needs, real-time notifies users of new work assignments, and many more connected features that improve FileBound user experience.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of FileBound Connect reseller and solution provider

Upland Intelligent Capture is a true multi-tenant, cloud-ready capture solution outfitted with machine learning technology to automatically gather images and improve data accuracy every time information is captured.

Tromba Technologies is a leading provider of Upland Intelligent Capture reseller and solution provider

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