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FileBound eForms

FileBound eForms

Do you find that your electronic processes depend on forms that become paper? Do you have paper forms that ultimately get printed and signed? Have you tried creating PDF forms, and yet they still become paper?

FileBound document management and workflow automation software truly help eliminate manual paper-based processes. Organizations that use FileBound find FileBound Electronic Forms empower their Enterprise by eliminating paper processes, overcoming the PDF chaos, automating daily process tasks, and capturing customer information anytime and anywhere.

FileBound Electronic Forms support form overlays and can be drag-and-drop designed HTML forms to create new forms shared with internal and external users quickly. Using FileBound's feature-rich Forms Portal, users can quickly transform their existing PDF forms into full-featured electronic forms with digital signature integration. FileBound Electronic Forms are supported on all mobile platforms.

Additional Electronic Forms features include the ability to fill out forms online and offline, upload supporting documents with the Electronic Forms, initiate business processes from Electronic Form submissions, and much more.

With FileBound eForms, the possibilities are practically endless. Customers have designed forms for everything from allowing employees to request time off to enabling college students to drop or add classes to gathering online applications from potential employees and PO request forms. FileBound Electronic Forms help organizations:

  • Capture and automatically route requests, business processes, and workflow rules.

  • Gather information and data with less impact on staff workload.

  • Efficiently replace outdated, manual, and tedious paper forms and inefficient processes.

  • Provide 24/7 upload and submission capabilities from anywhere at any time.

  • Create a central portal to organize various organizational forms.

  • Integrate digital signatures into the document creation process.

  • Improve customer experience.

Enhancements to FileBound eForms with FileBound 8.0

FileBound electronic forms just got better. This update made eForms more secure and easier to manage and use. Create, distribute, and file transactional forms simply using the software itself or an outward-facing portal. eForms can be configured as Microsoft Word, Excel, or HTML for enhanced flexibility.

With a unique new feature, Anonymous Forms, forms can be received from outside the organization, and the sender will receive information via email, thanks to the enhanced workflow automation. FileBound 8.0 also allows users to limit file size and type within documents. This way, everyone collaborating on a document has a specific format and guarantees all users can open it on their devices.

Tromba's favorite feature in this update is the new ability to save a form while still in progress. Rather than feeling pressured to finish or restart, users can now save and return later. This change is also accompanied by the ability to view version history and see the changes made to the form over time.

FileBound eForms Benefits

  • Automatically auto-populate numeric fields, data, text, and more directly into the form and route directly to workflows or applications.

  • Save time historically spent handling paper forms or trying to manually track requests via email.

  • Eliminate the risk of important forms being misplaced, overlooked, or submitted as incomplete.

  • Enable multiple forms in one view based on the audience.

  • Allow users to effortlessly attach supplementary information or documents.

  • Include eSignature capabilities to securely capture signoffs and speed up turnaround.

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