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RPA Alone is Not Enough

Robotic Process Automation

Robot Process Automation, or RPA, is a huge part of the automation strategy. It carries immense value for the user and the customers if done properly, and it can automate repeatable tasks for the user. RPA is able to gather information from various sources, along with updating multiple data storages. And RPA has become necessary if you are thinking about automating any piece of your workload.

RPA is able to speed up processing times and reduce errors, allowing more output from employees. This can also allow for a significant cost improvement, being between 25% to 50% saved, according to Omid Aslani, Director of Commercial Product Management, 7 Biggest Benefits of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) 2020.

RPA alone, however, won't do it all. Robots can only follow business rules and can't make variable information decisions. So, what makes RPA enough? The addition of Automation Intelligence. AI creates an efficient and effective workspace with greater value to you and the customer.

While RPA can go and collect information from outside sources, it succeeds when looking for structured content. But AI with cognitive capture, machine learning, and natural language processes can get more out of your robots since a lot of information still resides on documents that RPA can't get ahold of alone.

AI is able to tell what the document is and define what the essentials are of said document. This allows you to quickly identify what and where the document is and what data is needed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. It can handle anything from applications to other industry standard forms without conflict. It can even help handle emails from unhappy customers, so organizations can act quicker and address issues.

Being flexible and adapting workflows as a business is a major factor when trying to stay competitive. Understanding the market and adjusting to whatever it needs is a major part of what technology can help with. This can be done with ease by AI and RPA together on the fly and daily.

Data silos can also be a headache for workers. However, integrating systems can be enabled using pre-built connectors that transform separate data entities into a network of intelligent technologies and servers.

So, how do you move beyond just RPA? You infuse it with AI to reliably gather data and stay organized. And a great place to get your needs met with both of those programs without having to do the implementation work is Tromba Technologies, as Tromba has decades of experience analyzing, designing, and implementing automation technology. Allowing Tromba Technologies to set up your RPA and the AI integration will leave you with less headache and an easier workflow throughout the day.

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