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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and it is time to review your IT needs. After the cold months of winter pass, the time is here to throw open the windows, sweep away the dust and dirt, and start fresh on all your IT processes. However, what does that look like? What steps need to be taken? What pitfalls should be avoided? Tromba Technologies can help fulfill your spring-cleaning needs.

One of the first steps in Spring cleaning is the evaluation task. As the years go by, the old processes and procedures are carried forward even if doing so requires a large amount of work, significant upgrades, or more money to support. These processes may be left over from bygone areas or requirements. If so, they need to be reevaluated. Also, these systems are often incongruent and need more integration, so it's difficult for managers and users to keep which tools serve which purpose. Having a critical eye can help.

Tromba Technologies has worked on converting and upgrading legacy software for decades. We have a cloud-based solution that can revolutionize your old processes. Our TrombaAI platform leverages award-winning software to help you process your documents and data accurately and efficiently. It is built on Kofax Total Agility, recognized as an industry leader in process automation.

It's also important to elicit feedback from your users and customers. They interact with your system daily and intimately know its pain points. You may understand how it is supposed to work. However, they understand how it does work and how it feels. Take the opportunity to talk to staff and see if there are any obvious glaring bottlenecks you could alleviate or help alleviate.

The TrombaAI platform is also a diverse solution that can be built to fit your requirements. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution but can be melded to fit your enterprise needs. The designer tool looks and feels like Visio, which allows for maximum customization while also being easy to use. Mapping out and then adjusting your processes should not take Herculean efforts or copious amounts of time. We all know that business moves faster than that.

Data Analysis is also another hallmark of spring cleaning. Data analysis can vary in its application. It may be as simple as identifying and cleaning up old or incorrect data. Or it could be more drastic, for example, when you have to migrate and protect your data.

Tromba Technologies offers data conversion services as well. Our development staff designed our tools in-house and have evolved to meet the demanding challenges of large and small data conversions. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate with a less than 1% exception rate.

"The very notion of spring cleaning in a cloud business actually worries me. By its very nature, it implies that there are things that can be put off – or even forgotten – for another year. I encourage everyone to resist that notion. - George Papayiannis, co-founder and CTO, Vena Solutions.

At Tromba Technologies, we echo Mr. Papayiannis' thoughts. Delays generally cause things to be more expensive or more difficult to achieve. You may save yourself a pain in the short term, but never in the long term. Understanding the risk that delaying action imposes is another part of the spring-cleaning process.

Tromba Technologies is experienced and dedicated to helping you with your spring-cleaning needs. We can handle and migrate your data. Our solution is cloud-based and built on industry-leading software. We have many videos on our website,, and our LinkedIn profile highlighting different industries and solutions we can provide to your business. Let us help you on your journey to a better solution and environment.

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