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New Features and Enhancements in


FileBound 8.2 focuses on improving the user experience, adding dynamic elements into formatting, as well as customization and flexibility for FileBound users and administrators. It includes features that enhance speed, improve processes, and increase efficiency. 

FileBound 8.2 Product Release Webinar   

Brent “Junior” Poppe and Brandon Cummings hosted a webinar on Dec. 19, 2023, to review the updated features in FileBound 8.2 and walk through live demos. 

FileBound 8.2 Webinar
Project Settings

FileBound 8.2 New Features

Updates to Project Settings

Additional fields

You can now configure up to 100 additional index fields, allowing you to add even more information to your projects. These fields are non-searchable and can be text, number, date field, or option list types. Additional fields are available on the File Entry page and in the viewers. You are also able to update an additional field using a workflow and map data from a form to an additional field.

eSignature Integrations

Updates to eSignature Integrations

DocuSign OAuth

We added support for OAuth authentication in the DocuSign integration.

NOTE: Beginning in September 2024, DocuSign is moving away from basic authentication. If you use DocuSign, you will need to reconfigure your DocuSign integration to use OAuth 2.0 authentication prior to this date.

Web Viewer

Enhancements to the Web Viewer

Ability to edit PDF documents

We now give you the ability to easily modify PDF documents right inside the Web Viewer. You can:

  • Drag and drop a single PDF page into an existing PDF

  • Rotate PDF pages

  • Reorder PDF pages

  • Delete PDF pages

NOTE: In order to use these options, the “Display PDF documents in their Native format in the Web Viewer” setting must be disabled on the General tab in Project Settings


Updates to Workflow

Ability to edit PDF documents

A “Rights” option has been added to the workflow Process Settings tab. This option allows you to select which users can submit documents down the workflow process. You can select all users, administrators, or users of a specific group. This feature is useful when you use the child process stencil to move documents from one workflow process to another. You can prevent users from bypassing the first workflow process and sending documents down a child process.

Disable task buttons on the Assignments page

An option has been added on the Task tab of standard steps, allowing you to disable workflow task buttons on the Assignments page. When this option is selected, users must open a document in a viewer to see the workflow task buttons. This prevents users from advancing documents through workflow steps without viewing them.

Evaluate on blank value for dates and numbers

In the decision stencil, we’ve added the ability to evaluate a condition based on a blank value for numeric and date field types.


Updates to Forms

Group fields

A new GroupBox control has been added to the Forms Designer. Using this control, you can create a box and then move multiple controls into it to create a group. Once controls are grouped, you can create a single conditional rule that will be applied to the entire field grouping. 


New Features in FileBound Connect 8.2

With FileBound 8.2, we also made some changes to Connect to improve the experience and usability.

NOTE: Connect Version 8.2 is required for FileBound Version 8.2.

SSO authentication

FileBound Drive, Microsoft Word, and the Excel Reporting Add-In have all been updated to work with SSO authentication. There is no longer a need for users to have multiple log-ins to use these features. 


New Features in Importer 

Download Archives

The ability to download an archive has been moved from Server to Importer.

Find and Update

Two new options have been added to the Upload to FileBound module when “Find and/or Update Existing Files” is selected:  

  • Update ALL found Files (No Document upload)  

  • Find and Update the same Fields


The first option gives you the ability to update the same value for all files, and the second option gives you the ability to find and update the same fields

Integration Platform

All functionality that existed in the Integration Platform has been moved to Importer. New wizards have been added to export data from FileBound to a .csv file or to a SQL database.  


The Email Reader module has been updated to include an EmailTo mapping property. This property combines To recipients, CC recipients, and BCC recipients. You can map to this property using the Map Data to Files module

Import Users

We’ve added 12 new options to the list of user properties available in the “Import Users from CSV File” module:

  • Force Password Change

  • Login Expires

  • Has rights to access the system

  • Clipboard Only

  • Forms Only

  • Hidden

  • Start Screen

  • User Time Zone

  • Launch Viewer On Single Search Result

  • Allow Only One Viewer Instance

  • Send Summary Emails

  • Disable Individual Assignment Notifications 

With this update, user preferences no longer need to be set for single users after they are imported into FileBound. They can be defined in the CSV file for each user and automatically set when the CSV file is imported.

NOTE: A value of “1” in the CSV file will select a check box in FileBound

Other Updates

Other Feature Updates


Secure password requirements are now displayed when a user is forced to change their password



  • Removed the “Validate License” button from Main Options - General - Licensing Properties—licenses are automatically verified once a license code is applied.

  • Removed “Synchronize All Groups” and “Synchronize Administrators Only” buttons from the Active Directory section of Main Options - Security.

  • Removed the Double Entry option in project index field settings.


  • The ‘Configure Validation’ option is now disabled in the Forms Designer when a date field is mapped.

  • A date format option has been added to field configuration for unmapped date fields in the Forms Designer

  • Users are now able to delete rows from forms.

  • The FileBound logo on the Forms Portal can now be clicked to take you back to the main portal page.

  • Mapped calculation fields are now updated in view/edit forms that are created from submission forms. 

  • A warning message is displayed when there is a form field mapped to a date filed that has a mask applied

  • Total rows in form tables will display in the same format as the configured column.

  • Subforms with file attachments can be submitted from the main form.


Added a User Name column to the System Errors report.

Rest API

  • Added support for line items search in the Files endpoint in REST API

  • Added new Document Count endpoint to the REST API

  • Added support for line items search in the Project endpoint in REST API


  • Hidden projects are now available to project and system administrators on the Search page

  • Increased the maximum export size from the Search page to 5,000 lines or 200 pages

Web Viewer

  • .txt files can now be grouped with other .txt files.

  • Added an external share action in the Document Journal.

  • The Document Journal now shows the name of the user that the assignment is routed to rather than the user that routed it.

  • Related files tabs now display different names when a project has multiple document relationships with the same project.

  • A related document opens immediately when it is clicked.

  • The Document Journal now displays seconds on timestamps.

  • Line breaks are reflected in the Document Journal, File Journal, and Workflow Comments.

  • Improved the loading time of line items.


  • Added a Published By column on the Workflow Revisions page.

  • E-Form and Custom Action stencils will now progress using the default separator/divider if it is required in the project.

  • Added the option to send a URL link to the anonymous form in the escalation email on the anonymous step configuration.

  • Users can now view assignments by workflow step name in the left pane of the Assignments page.

  • Users are now able to sort items on the Assignments page differently for workflows from the same project.

  • Removed EformProcess from the list of actions available in the Custom Action stencil.


  • A default set of nine preconfigured widgets will now be added for users with a blank Workspace.

  • Added a My Orphaned Documents widget to the Workspace—this allows you to manage documents that are abandoned over the course of a workflow and never assigned to a user.

For more information about FileBound products and solutions, contact our FileBound Experts!

For more information about FileBound products and solutions, contact our FileBound Experts!

Professional Services

Tromba's team comprises veteran Upland FileBound consultants and experts with decades of professional services and support experience. Upland FileBound products that Tromba specifically implements are:

  • FileBound Enterprise

  • FileBound Document Management

  • FileBound Workflow

  • FileBound eForms Portal

  • FileBound Connect

  • FileBound Intelligent Capture

With decades of experience with various ERP, ECM, and other Enterprise eco-system platforms, Tromba provides exceptional value in integrating Tungsten Automation products. By using our knowledge of Cognitive Document Automation (CDA) and understanding of using AI and OCR to automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of documents needed in your business processes, Tromba strives to bring you automation and efficiencies without you having to be an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Tromba Technologies provides FileBound professional services.  These include product sales, solutions, license sizing, project design, planning, management, implementation, support, consulting, testing, custom development, and training services.

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