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Updates to Kofax AP Automation

Kofax AP Automation Portfolio is comprised of Invoice Capture and E-invoicing Solutions along with Enterprise, Workflow, and ERP-Centric AP Solutions. This variety of solutions transforms your AP process and workflows to fit your company perfectly. AP Automation improves accuracy and efficiency, lowers capture costs, improves cash flow management, achieves compliance, increases visibility, orchestrates key processes, and most importantly ensures success. And all these benefits just got upgraded.

AP Essentials 10.4

Within Kofax’s comprehensive Invoice Capture and E-invoicing Solutions, Kofax released AP Essential 10.4 in the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe. AP Essentials 10.4 has many new and enhanced features including:

  • Cost savings functions for the accounts receivable process through expanded document automation capabilities that capture, verify, and validate incoming PO data.

  • Better extraction results with preventative measures for operator error or occasional irregular documents that degrade your stored learning data. Kofax now allows administrators to lock the learning process for specific suppliers.

  • Kofax’s new language support for global businesses, with Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines added to Kofax’s extensive list of supported country-specific invoice formats.

  • Increased productivity through intelligently automated workflows that enable quicker and more efficient exception handling.

  • More insights through a pre-built, zero-touch dashboard that allows you to more seamlessly measure which invoices are being processed without exception.

  • Continuing ERP ecosystem support, by testing and recertifying our integrations with CoupaLink and Oracle NetSuite, as well as a new connector for SAP S/4 HANA ES.

Kofax AP Agility 2.6.0

Within Kofax’s Enterprise, Workflow, and ERP-Centric AP Solutions, Kofax released AP Agility 2.6. AP Agility 2.6 has many new and enhanced features including:

  • Expanded extraction capabilities for the large number of customers doing business in Saudi Arabi and China. QR codes are now extracted on Chinese VAT invoices, Saudi Arabia Invoices, along with the Payee, Reviewer and Drawer fields, and the Remarks section.

  • Canadian QST support with a new field called ‘QuebecSalesTax’ is available. When enabled, the QST tax values are extracted into the field rather than the existing ‘ProvincialSalesTax’.

  • Improved company code detection, based on a preferred address (Bill-to, Ship-to, etc.) and learning from previous corrections.

  • More efficient workflows through simplified processing of invoices that relate to one-time vendors, along with additional exception handling for PO and Non-PO invoices.

  • New ERP ecosystem support with a connector for SAP S/4 HANA EX.

Kofax is continuously adding new capabilities across their AP Automation Portfolio to continue to support your AP processes.

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