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Tromba Technologies Intelligent Automation Cloud Solution

SaaS Cloud Solution

Tromba Technologies has experience with full solution implementation of both OnPremise and Cloud. Whichever license and platform are best for your organization, Tromba Technologies has the expertise and knowledge to help your organization make that determination.

Is your organization looking for automation technologies in the cloud? Several technology and software components in Tromba’s Cloud solution fit together and work as a single platform. How Tromba fits them together is determined by what you need to accomplish. 

Tromba Intelligent Automation Cloud Solution key components.  Intelligent document and information capture, multichannel Cognitive Document Automation, Process Orchestration, Intelligent Business Process Management Suite, Mobile engagement for collaboration, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Process Intelligence, and Customer Communication Management.

Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today's business environment (e.g., smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier.

Hidden value for "Time to Market."

The time to market for modernization of the business processes to benefit lifecycle is significantly reduced with a single stack automation solution. Our cloud solution is a coherent overarching solution, eliminating inaccuracy, delays, and incompatibilities by using "connectors" and "middle-ware." Tromba understands the Information Technology AND Business struggles related to connecting systems and environments that are not meant to be attached. With Tromba's solution, making single changes can accurately affect all business processes, eliminating the need to make the exact change in multiple places to update all business processes correctly. 


The absence of incompatibilities from attempting to "stitch" together systems and technology that are not meant to work together becomes even more noticeable regarding solution support. When connecting multiple systems, customers have to contact several companies to resolve an issue. Worse, vendors might not be familiar with the other products a customer uses and may not know how to work through the multiple vendor troubleshooting. With Tromba's Cloud Intelligent Automation solution, there is only ONE vendor to contact, and that is Tromba. 

Components of Tromba's Cloud Intelligent Automation Solution

Capture documents and data from any source.  Documents are automatically classified.  Data is extracted with automation intelligence.  For semi-structured documents like Invoices, intelligent user learning from user instructions enhances the system accuracy and goes beyond all other capture solutions.

  • Automated and Intelligent capture for

    • Paper (browser-based scanning)​

    • Email

    • Online electronic form submission

    • Self-service portal submission

    • Mobile Capture

  • No limit to the data intelligently captured​

  • No limit to the type of documents intelligently processed

    • ​Applications
    • Renewals
    • Supporting documents
    • Maintenance information documents
    • and more
  • ​Key performance indicator reports and dashboards

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. These tasks can include queries, calculations, and maintenance of records and transactions.

RPA technology consists of software robots that can mimic a human worker. RPA bots can log into applications, enter data, calculate, complete tasks, and then log out. 

Every work item can be tracked and reported. Metrics like an item's queue, how long has it been in that queue, and how long did an item take to complete the process. Who completes what, when? All of the critical key performance indicators exist so that everything can be tracked and reasonable predictions can be made based upon data samplings. 


Managed business processes to facilitate predictable results. You can know where work items are and where they will go. Managed business processes to streamline personnel training requirements. Resources now do not need to know how to perform steps before or after their process step(s). They can focus and be trained on what to do with work items that are assigned to them. They can spend more time working on their exceptions rather than finding their work and finding where the work needs to go next. The process can help processors with timelines, deadlines, and compliance. Processors can know when work items are due and how long they have been aging.

The Document Repository is a complete web-based Enterprise Content Management solution.  The repository can manage any type of content.  It has native iOS and Android apps for full mobility support.  The Repository supports integration with DocuSign, SignDoc, and HelloSign for digital signature support, Office 365 integration for red-lining, and simultaneous document collaboration.   The repository has a complete Electronic Forms portal.  The Electronic Forms supports signature capture, offline capabilities, and many other expected features and functionality.

  • The interface has a very user-centric interface that leads to quick and easy user adoption

  • Integrated document searching and viewing capabilities with Line of Business desktop applications, web applications, terminal emulators, and many other integration points

The document repository is secure and simple to use. Security is based on roles and applied to sets of documents or specific documents. Documents can be securely viewed through a browser, iOS app, and Android App. All user activity and document activity are tracked and available in reports.

Replace paper forms!  Electronic forms are the modern technology mechanic that does make replacing paper an achievable goal.​ Electronic Forms features include the ability to fill out forms online and offline, upload supporting documents with the Electronic Forms, initiate business processes from Electronic Form submissions, and much more.  With full digital signature support, you can completely get away from manual paper forms today!  

Cloud Solution Benefits

Benefits to Tromba's Cloud Intelligent Automation Solution

Reduced IT costs

Moving to cloud solutions may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can reduce your costs by using cloud software resources. You may be able to reduce your operating costs because:

  • there are no costs for system upgrades, new hardware, software, and energy costs

  • you no longer need to pay wages and training for expert staff

  • there are fewer time delays.

Access to automatic updates

Your system will regularly be updated with the latest technology. This could include up-to-date versions of software, as well as upgrades to servers and computer processing power.

Collaboration efficiency

Collaboration in a cloud environment gives your business the ability to communicate and share more easily outside of the traditional methods. If you are working on a project across different locations, you could use cloud computing to give employees, contractors and third parties access to the same files. You could also choose a cloud computing model that makes it easy for you to share your records with your advisers (e.g. a quick and secure way to share accounting records with your accountant or financial adviser).


Your business can scale up or scale down your operation and storage needs quickly to suit your situation, allowing flexibility as your needs change. Rather than purchasing and installing expensive upgrades yourself, Tromba Technologies will handle this for you. Using the cloud frees up your time so you can get on with running your business.

Business continuity

Protecting your data and systems is an important part of business continuity planning. Whether you experience a natural disaster, power failure, or other crisis, having your data stored in the cloud ensures it is backed up and protected in a secure and safe location. Being able to access your data again quickly allows you to conduct business as usual, minimizing any downtime and loss of productivity.

Flexibility of work practices

Cloud computing allows employees to be more flexible in their work practices. For example, you have the ability to access data from home, on holiday, or via the commute to and from work. If you need access to your data while you are off-site, you can connect to your virtual office, quickly and easily.

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