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Tromba Technologies provides K-12 Education Intelligent Automation soluions for Student solutions and School Management.

K-12 Education Solutions

Tromba Technologies K-12 Student Solutions and School Management Solutions

Like you, our customers are working to rise and meet greater digital demands and many times with budgets that are not growing to meet the demands. The  expectations for K-12 school systems continue to grow. That’s why K-12 school districts nationwide use FileBound to reduce operational expenses while eliminating inefficiencies.  This gives schools and districts the time and focus to prioritize what really matters ... like student achievement.  Tromba Technologies provides a unique solution tailored to K-12 Schools and School Districts that targets specific K-12 Education needs.  Using FileBound Enterprise, Tromba Technologies delivers both OnPremise or Cloud solution to help K-12 Schools grow and focus on the students.

Tromba Technologies Intelligent Automation solutions for K-12 Education Student Solutions.

Student Solutions

Integrating FileBound with your districts’ existing SIS quickly grants faculty immediate access to student documents for complying to medical restrictions, managing learning assistance modifications or accelerated learning programs, or counseling and disciplinary documents – all while automatically enforcing permissions-based user security to safeguard student data to satisfy state and federal compliance standards. 

Tromba Technologies provides innovative solutions for K-12 Education Enrollment & Registration

 Enrollment & Registration 

Tromba Technologies K-12 Education Solution for Online Applications

Online Applications

Convenient for parents, simple for staff to manage. Applications are submitted directly into the system and parents automatically receive forms for proof of residence and medical requirements.

Tromba Technologies K-12 Education Solutions for System Notifications

System Notifications

System updates keep parents notified of enrollment status and next steps in the process, while keeping staff accountable and ensuring the process moves forward.

Tromba Technologies K-12 Education Solutions for Application Tracking

Application Tracking

Tracks applications, notifies staff of missing documentation and helps to coordinate communication between the district and the family.

Tromba Technologies K-12 Education Solution for Interface Integration SIS HRIS ERP

Interface Integration

Streamlined operations through interface integration allows permissioned faculty to access student files while working in the district’s SIS.


School Management Solutions

Whether administrative staff is complying to audits, aligning onboarding resources for new hires, processing background checks for volunteers, or releasing school board packets for public consumption, FileBound is a game changer for improving administrator productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness.

By automatically creating a digital audit trail for all documents and data, school districts using FileBound are compliant with state and federal mandates and have a reliable, secure disaster recovery capabilities – ensuring their students’ critical data is safe and accessible.

Tromba Technologies provides innovative K-12 Education School Management Solutions.
Tromba Technologies is an innovative solution provider for K-12 Education document disaster recovery solutions.

 Disaster Recovery 

Tromba Technologes K-12 Education Solution Security, Compliance Benefits

Protected and Safe

All content in a FileBound system is protected and secure, available only to permissioned staff. All activity is tracked and logged in tamper-proof reports.

Tromba Technologes K-12 Education Solution Accessibility Benefits


When stored in the cloud, files are accessible anywhere – by permissioned staff – so if disaster does happen, records can still be retrieved to ensure district processes keep running.

Tromba Technologes K-12 Education Solution Records Retention an Management Benefits

Records Retention and Management

Automate the retention process with true records management capabilities. Retain based on file variable and protect against accidental deletion or destruction.


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