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Upland FileBound with Tromba Technologies


Tromba Technologies has spent years implementing and helping customers get FileBound into company workflows to enhance and simplify file organization. With FileBound, you can digitize your entire workload and keep it organized in one place. With FileBounds cloud systems, you can save, backup, edit, and open files from anywhere you can access your technology.

Simple UI and Safe Space

What you don't know or can't efficiently access can hurt you. This is especially true if you lack the critical information to provide superior customer service, complete a transaction, or adhere to compliance and security standards. Document Management with FileBound makes it easy to store all critical business content; scanned images, Word documents, audio/video files, email, and more; all in a secure, centralized repository. Users can set Records Management policies with destruction schedules against their content to ensure they fully comply with State and Federal regulations.


Truly revolutionizing work management is more complex than simply getting control of documents and routing them through a business process. Electronically reproducing inadequate and inefficient processes is still inefficient. Organizations need data to measure process cycles, performance, compliance, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to transform business processes into efficient, cost-saving ones. Without understanding what the data means or where there is an opportunity for process improvement, organizations won’t receive the total value of the solution they’ve invested in.

Accounts Payable

You're also able to set up automated accounts payable with FileBound. Your organization's resources will be used and stored more efficiently and with much less pressure on your workforce. Empowering your workers to perform critical human tasks, not the mundane, repetitive routines. You won't need to handle paper invoices, duplicate payments, or process early pay discounts. FileBound ensures you never miss an account payable deadline and don't need to do the tedious manual work on your end.

Contract Management

FileBound also has great contract creation interfaces and capabilities. Using the software, you gain more control over contract creation. You can operate and make contracts with internal templates allowing the creation of documents that stay within organization guidelines and keep things easy to make and use. Get more insight and transparency into your process with built-in analytics. Discover the full capabilities and value of the data that allows you to make better business decisions. Create convenient solutions with maximized productivity and flexibility with customized solutions with TrombaAI without requiring a single data silo.

Capture eInvoices

One of the many things FileBound can do is reliably capture eInvoices information from incoming emails and other ways like emails. You don't need to spend the time inputting the news on your own; your solution does it for you. FileBound is a handy and time-saving tool that makes your file management ten times more accessible and efficient.

Human Resources

With FileBound, you no longer need a human resources team and a few people to monitor the documents and forms submitted to them. All required files are kept safe and locked in only authorized employees to access and check. FileBound does most of the hard work to save you time and give you less complex areas to navigate and do the job you need to. FileBound does the new employee onboarding for you, which includes sending required documents, checklists, notifications, and more. FileBounds takes work off the table for manual processes. And on top of that, FileBound analytics monitor your solution's automated and manual processes to ensure productivity.

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