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7.11 Release Notes

All the new features and enhancements included in TotalAgility 7.11.0.

TotalAgility Apps enhancements

Loop node

The tenant can loop through the items within a list in a data object using the Loop node in their workflow.

Expose advance workflow rules within workflows

In Quick Workflow and Quick RPA, Advanced options are available when adding a task via the pop-up or in the properties window to allow the user to configure more complex task assignments.

Usability and accessibility

The following features are added or enhanced to improve accessibility and usability within TotalAgility Apps.

Selector enhancements

The selector has been updated to include images within conditions for a better experience.

Business data improvements

  • A context menu is available to be consistent with other TotalAgility Apps.

  • Only rules that have business data defined are listed.

  • The tenant can view a rule locked by someone else.

Auto-add task option for conditions

In earlier releases, in workflows, the tenant had to add a new task as the outcome of a condition, sometimes needing to delete it again if they wanted to progress to an existing activity. Now, the tenant can select an existing task (on both Conditions and True/False Conditions), which is much simpler.

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