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Tungsten Assets

TrombaAI TotalAgilty SaaS


Our TotalAgility SaaS, TrombaAI, is an innovative cloud automation intelligence solution for today's digital workforce. TrombaAI is a transactional subscription-based Automation Intelligence cloud platform designed to remove barriers that keep organizations from benefiting from Automation and Intelligence. Tromba Technologies has decades of experience with full solution implementation, customization, and support of Tungsten Automation products.

TotalAgility Salesforce Integration


Get more value out of your Salesforce platform with Tromba Technologies by extracting information from physical and electronic documents and ingesting that data into Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual entry and processing.

FileBound Export Connector


Our FileBound Export Connector allows you to export your data and documents from Tungsten products into On-premise FileBound sites and FileBound's SaaS-hosted sites. FileBound’s cloud repository allows users to import, manage, and access documents and data from one secure place. Tromba Technologies has decades of experience customizing export connectors compliant with Kofax Express, Kofax Capture, Kofax TotalAgility, Tungsten Express, Tungsten Capture, and Tungsten TotalAgility

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