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TrombaAI TotalAgilty SaaS

Our TotalAgility SaaS, TrombaAI, is an innovative cloud automation intelligence solution for today's digital workforce. TrombaAI is a transactional subscription-based Automation Intelligence cloud platform designed to remove barriers that keep organizations from benefiting from Automation and Intelligence. Tromba Technologies has decades of experience with full solution implementation, customization, and support of Tungsten Automation products.



TotalAgility 7.11 and higher
RPA 11.4 and higher


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TrombaAI provides all the benefits and eliminates all the risks associated with automation projects. With TrombaAI, the entry cost is low and remains low. Several scalable and customizable automation technologies can be “turned on” at any time based on an organization’s needs. Other benefits would be reducing the burden on your IT staff since the SaaS responsibility is on Tromba for updates and availability. 

Tromba Technologies is SOC 2 Type II certified. 

TotalAgility SaaS Framework Building Blocks 

  • Cloud Solution: TrombaAI is built entirely on the Azure cloud using Azure's advanced security and threat monitoring capabilities. Meet your security and compliance requirements with TrombaAI today! 

  • Automated Intelligence Document Processing (AIDP): Automated Intelligent Document Processing using automation technologies to intelligently automate the acquisition, understanding, and integration of all types of information across an organization, especially unstructured data in documents and emails. 

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): TrombaAI uses Tungsten RPA to automate various Connectors like OpenAI, Salesforce, various cloud databases, and many other cloud resources. This provides advanced Generative AI capabilities to extend automation beyond just your data and documents. 

  • Workflow and Case Management: TrombaAI provides the capabilities to create any digital workflow, business process, and dynamic case management. It's not just manual steps or queues. It could be entirely automation intelligence. It could also be the right balance of automation, approval, and validation steps to create the optimal digital workflow process. 

  • Enterprise Content Management: TrombaAI offers a robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository that empowers both you and your customers to search for and retrieve documents securely. Our web-based Document Repository is a comprehensive solution that manages various content types. With native iOS and Android apps, you can enjoy full mobility support. Additionally, the Repository seamlessly integrates with DocuSign, SignDoc, and HelloSign for digital signature capabilities. It also supports Office 365 integration for redlining and facilitates simultaneous document collaboration. The repository has a complete Electronic Forms portal. 

  • Self-Service Portals: TrombaAI has the ability to create internal and external use portals. Your employees can easily and quickly interact with processes, documents, forms, and statuses and help resolve real-time issues. 

  • Generative AI (Gen-AI): Our SaaS model uses Generative AI (Gen-AI) to empower organizations to boost productivity and efficiency across departments like Accounts Payable (AP) and Human Resources (HR). Leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, we seamlessly transform ideas into actionable workflows, dynamic forms, and robust data models within TotalAgility. This transformative capability enhances decision-making, enabling more informed, efficient, and effective business operations and can be implemented much faster than your standard on-premise installation. 

TrombaAI Custom Solution 

  • TrombaAI for YOU. In addition to the existing TrombaAI solutions, TrombaAI can be tailored to your specific needs. TrombaAI is built on a framework of automation intelligence technologies. Existing solutions can be modified to accomodate you, or new automation solutoins can be tailored specifically for you. 

TrombaAI Pre-Built Solutions 

  • TrombaAI for Invoices helps organizations with AP automation. Organizations continue to prioritize managing their cash flow needs with their changing workforce dynamics. TrombaAI provides industry-leading invoice capture and process automation. 

  • TrombaAI for Claims is built on industry-leading best practices for processing medical, accident, and injury claims. Reduce the greatest operational costs, eliminate manual steps, or stop outsourcing claims processing. 

  • TrombaAI for Onboarding. Customer onboarding is one of the most important interactions with new customers. TrombaAI helps to reduce the time and cost of all onboarding processes. - TrombaAI for HR helps organizations automate the capture of personnel documents. Or transform your paper forms into TrombaAI digital forms with signature support. 

  • TrombaAI for Mailroom helps organizations automate their digital mailroom. Handling large volumes of documents is complicated. Your company needs to be able to communicate and access critical data and people throughout the company. TrombaAI utilizes industry-leading software that specializes in identifying and classifying documents, extracting key pieces of information, and then using that information in advanced workflows that allow your business to be more productive and accurate. 

  • TrombaAI for Government. With Intelligent tools like mobile capture, cognitive document automation, dynamic case management, and robotic process automation, other tools improve constituent engagement and satisfaction.


Our TotalAgility SaaS offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up a virtual and robot-automated office, allowing you to connect to your business anywhere, at any time. Let Tromba Automated Intelligence perform processing and work around the clock to improve your business efficiency. 

Optimize YOUR Biggest Asset: CASH 

TrombaAI helps your organization to reduce document storage and transmission costs. Efficiently find documents through the entire process lifecycle. Move to a self-service model with portals for self-service document requests, self-service documents, information submission, self-service dispute resolution, and other self-service best practices. Reduce office supply costs like paper, copying, file folders, boxes, and other filing-related costs. Reduce your data entry labor without the headaches of outsourcing. Enable more scalable and remote labor models by doing more with less. 

Reduced IT Costs 

TrombaAI eliminates the costs for you to maintain your automation intelligence IT systems. The costs associated with purchasing expensive hardware and other infrastructure equipment are eliminated. There are no system upgrades, new hardware, software, or energy costs. You no longer need to pay expensive consultants or specialized expert IT resources. 

Collaboration Efficiency 

Collaboration in TrombaAI allows your business to communicate and share more easily outside of the traditional methods. If you are working on a case across different locations, you could use TrombaAI to give employees, contractors, and third parties access to the same files and processes. You could also choose a model that makes it easy for you to share your records with your advisers (e.g., a quick and secure way to share accounting records with your accountant or financial adviser). 


Your business can scale up or down your operation and storage needs quickly to suit your situation, allowing flexibility as your needs change. Using TrombaAI frees up your time so you can get on with running your business. 

Access to Automatic Updates 

Your system will regularly be updated with the latest technology. This could include up-to-date versions of software, as well as upgrades to servers and computer processing power. TrombaAI will scale to accommodate your expanding transaction and performance needs. 

Business Continuity 

Protecting your data and systems is an integral part of business continuity planning. Whether you experience a natural disaster, power failure, or other crisis, having your data and processes in TrombaAI ensures they are backed up and protected in a secure and safe location. Being able to access your data again securely and from anywhere quickly allows you to conduct business as usual, minimizing any downtime and loss of productivity. 

Flexibility of Work Practices 

TrombaAI allows employees to be more flexible in their work practices. For example, you can access data from home, on holiday, or via the commute to and from work. If you need access to your data while you are off-site, you can connect to your virtual office quickly and easily.


All Industries

Business Process

Accounting and Finance
Administration / Management
Distribution / Shipping
Customer Service
General / Other
Human Resources
Information Technology
Inventory Management
Research & Development
Supply Chain Management



Analytics And Business Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Business Process Automation
Cloud Orchestration
Conversational AI / Bots / Virtual Agents
Document Processing
Knowledge Base
Image Processing Or Computer Vision
Internet Of Things (IOT)
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Platforms & Databases
Robots – Attended
Robots – Unattended
Visualization, Monitoring Reporting
Workflow And Decision Engines

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