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Kofax RPA 11.4.0

New Features and Enhancements in

Tromba Technologies is a leading Kofax TotalAgility Reseller and Solution Provider


Kofax RPA is the fastest and most efficient way for your company to automate manual tasks. Collecting, reviewing, and entering data between systems, websites, or portals are accessible opportunities to utilize robots to do that work for you—Kofax's pursuit for continuous improvement powers their product advancements. Start your automation journey today! Put the power of Kofax RPA to use in your organization and processes. 

RPA 11.4.0 is an incredible update with enhancements across the entire software.

Kofax TotalAgility 7.11

Robots Can Do Even More Now

The growth of hyperautomation continues to encourage companies to automate increasingly difficult business processes. In RPA 11.4, Kofax streamlined integrating Kofax RPA bots within the TotalAgility application, Quick RPA. Within TotalAgility, you can now create and manage robot workflows.

Starting with TotalAgility version 7.11.0, a dedicated RPA API makes it possible to create, manage, export, and import robot workflows. For example, TotalAgility users can perform the following tasks:

  • Select robots

  • Show robot thumbnails for easy visual identification

  • Automatically create the model as data objects required to pass data between robots

  • Automatically select and subsequently map the data objects between robots or sub robots

Robots Can Do Even More Now
Improved Control for Administration

Improved Control for Administration

Administration users can now create a new project, select a repository, then use the new button 'Delete selected objects' to remove objects from being synchronized. With more control over what robots can achieve and how they function moment-to-moment, Kofax RPA has created a very easily controllable workspace.   

Kofax RPA 11.4.0 Release Notes

For more information about RPA, contact our Kofax experts!

Tromba Technologies helps empower enterprises with process orchestration and Intelligent Automation platform Kofax TotalAgility.  Learn how Intelligent Automation empower your enterprise and begin your automation journey today.

Kofax Professional Services

Tromba Technologies provides Kofax professional services. These include product sales, solutions, license sizing, project design, planning, management, implementation, support, consulting, testing, custom development, and training services. 


Tromba Technologies is a Kofax Reseller Partner. Tromba's team comprises Kofax consultants and experts with decades of professional services and support experience with Kofax intelligent automation products. Kofax products that Tromba provides professional services for are:

With decades of experience with various ERP, ECM, and other Enterprise eco-system platforms, Tromba provides exceptional value in integrating Kofax products.

Learn more about Tromba professional services for Kofax products:

  • Kofax AP Essentials

  • Kofax Express

  • Kofax Capture

  • Kofax TotalAgility

  • Kofax RPA

  • Kofax Insight

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