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Tromba Technologies helps empower enterprises using Kofax TotalAgility KTA Intelligent Business Process Management iBPMS platform

Case Study: TrombaAI Partners with The Align Team

Align and the State of Wyoming DFS partnered with Tromba Technologies to move from paper-driven processes to electronic content and electronic case management. Using Tromba Technologies’ Automation Intelligence platform, TrombaAI, The Align Team can manage and track documents and information throughout the entire benefits program approval process. Applications and supporting documents are in the form of paper, email, and web portal submissions. All documents flow through Tromba AI's automation platform utilizing Cognitive Document Automation, Robotics Process Automation, and Automated Workflows. TrombaAI processes paper applications, web applications, emails, and supporting documents seamlessly from the ingestion of documents and data through to approval.

Kathy Cathcart, President and Managing Director of Align, concludes: “Tromba’s AI solution has made The Align Team much more agile. They are really helping us to blow away previous processes metrics year on year. We have been incredibly impressed with the Tromba relationship and solutions. They have transformed the way we work. We can say that we have total control and visibility of benefit case files as they move through our business process and rules, and the ability to work with information in a much more accurate and efficient way. We are excited to continue working with Tromba to explore new ways to use the TrombaAI solution to help us work more productively and deliver an even higher level of service.”

Align Case Study
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