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New Solution Offering from Tromba

Have you been looking at business automation tools? Have you evaluated intelligent capture, RPA, automation workflows, and the list goes on? Have you concluded that the cost to get the tools you need are to expensive? Or the "one size fits all software box" approach does not work for your unique business? Or do you feel that the risk and "time to market" for automation projects will not have an affective ROI?

Tromba Technologies has worked with organizations and faced numerous discussions around these very obstacles that are common even today. We have built a solution offering that overcomes these obstacles!

TrombaAI ... Automation Intelligence of the Future! This is a secure and compliant cloud solution that is a full featured automation intelligence platform. We offer this platform with some pre-configured solutions and monthly transactional pricing. You only pay for what you use. We can also offer limited trial periods. This overcomes the risk, cost and ROI concerns.

Next is the "one size fits all software box". Tromba has built TrombaAI as a configurable platform. We will modify the base offerings or build a completely new solution that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Click on a offering to learn more about our TrombaAI offerings.


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