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Top New Features in Kofax RPA 11.4.0

Kofax Robotic Process Automation 11.4.0

Kofax RPA 11.4.0 Top New Features

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is Kofax leading technology that allows users to create robots to do repetitive tasks for your company. Kofax RPA enables employees to focus on higher-value work by automating routines. And now it is even more advanced with RPA 11.4.0.

Kofax RPA 11.4.0 automates your manual processes, increasing your company's capabilities with top-new features. RPA 11.4.0 improved robots that allow all new integration to Kofax TotalAgility, adding even more versatility and ease of use for users in more environments.

Improved Robot Capabilities

A new updated UI has come to Kofax RPA in update 11.4.0, allowing users to get more done in the workday. This update enables you to start integrating with TotalAgility, which means you can create and manage robot workflows from the TotalAgility application, Quick RPA.

Improved Administration Control

Administration users can now create a new project, select a repository, then use the new button 'Delete selected objects' to remove objects from being synchronized. With more control over what robots can achieve and how they function moment-to-moment, Kofax RPA has created a very easily controllable workspace for daily use.

Minor Tweaks

Along with the significant parts, Kofax RPA has made some minor features and additions to improve the application. Simple things like finding values with ease and expanding the flow of steps have been added in 11.4.0 to make using the product more straightforward and intuitive.

Kofax RPA is the fastest and most efficient way for your company to automate manual tasks. Collecting, reviewing, and entering data between systems, websites, or portals are accessible opportunities to utilize robots to do that work for you—Kofax's pursuit for continuous improvement powers their product advancements. Start your automation journey today! Put the power of Kofax RPA to use in your organization and processes.

Check out Kofax's release notes below for a more detailed look into RPA 11.4.0 release features.

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